Cart Chronicles: Return Of The Dosa Cart

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Bwog was taking its early evening constitutional (not to be confused with our Wednesday afternoon constitutional), enjoying our watermelon parfait weird plastic whatever from Pinkberry (1/2 off watermelon yogurt, 5-7 everyday!) when we noticed something.

It was a mini-truck where the dosa cart used to be. Then we discovered: it was the dosa cart, made into a mini-truck and called “VeggieNation” Vegenation. Wa-hoo!

Today was Vegenation’s first day back at Columbia after some negotiations with a mysterious and bad-sounding man who was making the two Dosa Dudes pay “too much money” for their spot on Broadway between 115th and 116th. That man has since been vanquished, and we are left with VeggieNation (“Eat Your Veggies”) which has an all-vegeterian menu of dosas, rice, uttapams (like a dosa), samosas, a “lunch box special” and a lot of food you wont find close to the Steps, like the Mysore masala dosa with coconut and onion chutneys, lemon and coconut rice, etc.

They also have falafel, which is good, because if there’s one food that’s difficult to find in Morningside Heights, it’s falafel.

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  1. bnard+gg  

    so, word on the street is that they wanted to do some gossip girl filming at the barnyard and there were some e-mails sent out about it to dpt heads and how it might affect bnard's image; any word b-wog?

  2. BC'16

    reCAPTCHA: what moaned

  3. ...  

    it's not VeggieNation it's Vegenation. the correct pronunciation is "veej-nation"

    i am excited for delicious dosa and uttapam from the veej.

  4. Vegenation

    like Vegetation!

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