Thanks, guy!

Kenneth Cole, a fashion designer who has weird, earnest, sometimes squirmy billboards on the West Side Highway, is teaming up with CC and SEAS to launch the Kenneth Cole Community Engagement Program in the fall.

Want to know what that is? Kay.

Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc., CC, SEAS, Center for Career Education and Student Affairs will develop a year-long curriculum that will combine “community-based initiatives,” according to the press release, with classroom work. Kenneth Cole Fellows, as the project’s participants will be dubbed, will take two required courses, have community-based internships over the summer, and get to live in a “unique living-learning arrangement” in dorms. Here’s hoping that doesnt mean the Living Learning Center!

We don’t totally get it, but sounds like you’ll do some good stuff for the community and not have to worry about an internship next summer. Cole is the chairman of amfAR, the largest not-for-profit AIDS foundation, and a founding member of HELP USA, which provides jobs for the homeless. If you’re interested, contact Todd Smith, Associate Dean of Student Affairs, at

Update: Unlikely friendship made somewhat more likely by the fact that Cole’s daughter just graduated from CU.