Arrest and Car Crash Last Night On Broadway

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Morningside Heights crime wave!

We heard reports that there was a car crash, and then that there was a shooting last night on 113th Street between 3-5 AM. There was a car crash and an arrest, but no shooting. We just got off the phone with Public Safety, who told us there was an “altercation” and an arrest made by the 26th Precinct at Campo late last night, and that no one was hurt. We called Campo but the night manager was not at the restaurant. Murky details, but we can confirm that no one was hurt and one arrest was made. Details to follow.

Update, 4 PM: McShane confirms that there was an arrest at Campo last night. There was also a separate incident, a car crash, outside the new Book Culture on Broadway and 114th. A commenter below was outside at around 2:30 AM and saw a van “make a U-turn against the light” and crash into a barrier on Broadway. Photo of the accident below.

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  1. Hmmm  

    Well. Maybe that is true, but there was definitely a car crash around 2:30 right in front of the new Book Culture. A van tried to make a U-turn against the light and crashed into the barrier in the middle of Broadway. I was standing right there when it happened, so unless someone put something really freaky in my drink last night, I'm pretty sure I'm not making it up.

  2. I think  

    I would have to agree with you. Also there were like 25 people in the van, which seems like more than you should be able to fit.

  3. wait

    so there was no shooting?

  4. So

    Who got arrested and why?

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