Double Armed Robbery Last Night

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Public Safety sent out an alert this morning about two related armed robberies that occurred late last night. On 110th St. between Broadway and Amsterdam, three victims were robbed in two separate incidents around 1:30am. One of the victims was also assaulted and knocked to the ground. The official police description of the suspect is “Male / black / dark complexion / 30’s / 6’ / 300 lbs / stubble on face / red baseball cap / white T shirt / dark pants.”

There is no word on whether the victims are associated with the university in any way. If you have any information that will be useful to investigators, you are urged to contact the 26 Pct. Detective Squad at 212-678-1318.

Full security alert after the jump.

On August 8, 2010 at about 1:30 a.m., a male committed two robberies on W. 110 St. between Broadway and Amsterdam Ave. In the first incident, the suspect approached two males, displayed a gun, and took property from one of the victims. In the second incident, a moment later, a female was accosted by the same male, displaying a gun. When the victim resisted, the suspect punched the victim and knocked her to the ground.

The victims supplied the following description: Male / black/ dark complexion/ 30’s/ 6’/300 lbs/stubble on face/red baseball cap/white T shirt/dark pants. The suspect fled in a white car which was double parked at the scene.

If you have any information about these crimes, contact the 26 Pct. Detective Squad at 212-678-1318. If you observe any suspicious activity, or suspicious persons, call Columbia University Public Safety at 212-854-5555 at the Morningside campus, or 212-305-7979 at the Medical Center campus.

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  1. should i be nervous?

    hmm... it seems like we've been getting way more notices about "safety events" in the last six months than we have before. Has there been an actual increase in the amount of crime around campus or are pub safety& bwog just getting better about reporting it?

  2. The moral of the story

    Is to not resist a robber, or you get the beatdown...

  3. Burnt offerings

    We must appease the gods. They have frowned upon our civilization.

  4. Anonymous


  5. Dear Bwog,

    I'm really bored at work. Make time go faster for the next 20 minutes. Do it.

  6. Dear Bwog  

    I've been lonely this summer. Would you be interested in spooning? You can be little spoon!

  7. anonymous

    what does it mean?

  8. I Heart XKCD  

    On another note, 300 lbs and a white tee-shirt.....he'll get away with this, the image of his belly would be burned in my mind for years...years I say! He was probably sweety and you could see his gut hanging out there.

  9. As if...

    one arm wasn't bad enough, this guy has two!

  10. What time is it  

    you fools need to get your shit together my pops doesnt pay 50 g's a
    year for all this robbery bullshit

  11. Inquiring Mind  

    Hey Bwog, Any idea who is filming on campus today? Lots of trailers on Broadway..

  12. Spooning...

    Leads to Forking.

  13. Anonymous

    Whoa, that's a full robbery all the way

    Double robbery, oh my God, double robbery

  14. Ummmm

    We all seem to have forgotten about the last post on Barnard. Let us turn our attention now to the bashing of Barnard chicks.

  15. sounds more like

    a double chinned robbery.

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