Joan Rivers at last night's Barnard candle ceremony

Nino Rekhviashvili, BC ’14, participated in a large and fire-hazardous ceremony at Barnard Convocation last night. She reports here. If you’d like to contribute to Bwog, please email us at!

At 7:00 PM, hundreds of freshly moved-in first year Barnard women wearily congregated in Barnard Hall for Convocation.

DSpar, maestro of ceremonies, reminded fresh-faced Barnardians of Millicent McIntosh’s 1950 mantra, “You can have it all.” Then DSpar channeled her inner Spiderman, noting that with great power [of choice], comes great responsibility. “You can have anything, but not everything,” she said.

We were entertained next by a slideshow of celebrity alum (Miranda! Soon-t0-be graduated Kim Possible! Joan Rivers! The omnipresent Anna Quindlen!)  Soon after, candles were distributed and the entire room was glowing as students passed candles around. Cheers, and congratulations ladies!