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Let’s Get Ready to Romney!

Great news for fans of ridiculously good looking Republicans–former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 GOP presidential candidate front-runner Mitt Romney will be speaking at Columbia mid-September.

He shall walk among you! Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Romney will be speaking at the Millennium Campus Conference, a gathering of 1,000 or so student leaders and leading minds for a candid discussion on matters of sustainable international development. Chuck Roberts, CC’12 and executive director of the event, confirms that Romney will speak on “matters relating to global education and volunteerism.”

“We are expecting some more big names to confirm [their participation] in the near future,” said Roberts. Bwog is just glad to finally have someone other than Jeffrey Sachs headlining a sustainable-anything event on campus (not that we don’t love our Sachs, but variety is the spice of life).

The Conference will run September 17th-19th, and anyone looking to get in on the action should consider registering now.

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  • Mike says:

    @Mike Run Mitt Run 2012!

  • The conference says:

    @The conference is happening the weekend before the ten-year review conference on the MDGs in NYC.

    1. Hilarious! says:

      @Hilarious! I can’t believe this blog hasn’t covered that story. It truly sounds like it came straight out of the Onion: “Local English Professor Arraigned in District Court for Grammar Correction, Victims Still Recovering.”

      1. ...... says:

        @...... “Judge Throws the Book at English Professor”

        1. ...... says:

          @...... “It’s Whom, Not Who!- English Teaching Assistant Slays Five, Red Pen Found on Scene”

      2. Eliza says:

        @Eliza It’s an amazing story but we havent covered it because there’s no evidence that this crazy woman is actually a Columbia English professor– she claimed to have gotten her PhD at Columbia, but she’s nowhere in the directory or on the English website. She may well have studied here at some point and is an English professor somewhere else.

  • Oh hey bwog says:

    @Oh hey bwog new US News and World Report rankings? and we are fourth?

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Republicans 2012!

  • dumb says:

    @dumb why is this conference occurring on yom kippur?

    1. seriously... says:

      @seriously... i sent an email sent to the address listed on their website asking the very same question. it says that there are accommodations for people who observe yom kippur but “accommodations” seem unnecessary when anybody who actually observes the holiday would be unable to attend most of the conference.

    2. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Because Christians believe that no other religions exist except for theirs and that, even if such religions did exist, they can go fuck themselves.

  • '10 says:

    @'10 uh i can only hope your pathetic command of the english language is a joke, otherwise your bizarre xenophobic remarks re: obama are painfully ironic

    my father knew romney at bain back in the day- said he was a slimy mormon douchebag

    1. name says:

      @name Another typical liberal elitist. “Ah yes, my fatha new him back in the day… quite a drab fellow…” No one cares who your “fatha” (said with your anticipated slimy moron douchebag accent) knew, and no one cares what his opinion is. Look at the facts. Romney is a winner, and that’s what we need right now. Not an inexperienced, woefully out of touch radical like the person that is currently at the helm.

      1. '10 says:

        @'10 that no one is more in touch than obama at the moment.

        all of the reforms obama’s enacting is simply to make sure that corrupt politician’s aren’t able to get their slice of the pie after they leave office.

        would you realize that if there weren’t 20-or-so ex-goldman sachs people high up in gov’t at the time of the bailout, goldman wouldn’t have had it so good–along with the select few banks that were chosen to help wipe GS’s ass

        or look at iraq, which was a cash heap for dick cheney’s halliburton

        or USDA, which was monsanto’s (a ROMNEY-run company) puppet, which basically forced genetically modified produce into our stomachs, and helps subjugate the 3rd world by keeping our produce artifically cheap/subsidized

        or GM, whose “what’s good for GM is good for America” political pandering in the 80’s and 90’s left themselves unclothed and unfed for a new millenium

        THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A TIME MORE NECESSARY TO BRING THE OUTRAGE IN GOVERNMENT UNDER CONTROL. Obama is our unbiased statesman; he doesn’t have his fist in some corporation’s ass…

        this is not to say he is anti corporations. as CNBC will say, he is against growth. but you must remember, CNBC’s kudlow & kramer is totally a slave to big banks… by no means is it unbiased!

        this is not to say obama is anti jobs, as republicans might say, because you can’t intertwine the OBAMA presidency with the ILLS and LAX GOVERNANCE of years of REAGAN and BUSH^2. you give people free reign and of course they trample what should be done right.

        i think obama is doing exactly what this nation needs for long-range planning. GOP gridlock has done NOTHING for the good of this country!

        1. '10 says:

          @'10 i must admit, romney was a fine CEO and whatever–he works with balance sheets and numbers, but deals in debt and red ink when it comes to morals and proper statesmanship. he is a leader for those who are meant to work within the confines of a law that doesn’t allow him the oft-trampled route to greed, desperation, and short-term profits.

        2. Anonymous says:

          @Anonymous So you’re a conspiracy theorist nutjob as well as an elitist. Good for you, go have a cookie. It’s time for people like you to wake up and see through the pandering, rhetoric, and political jockeying that wholly defines Barack Obama.

      2. '10 says:

        @'10 ha! please… like it or not, people like my “fatha” run this shit so keep your small opinions to yourself

        1. Ah says:

          @Ah Thanks for reiterating the point.

  • ... says:

    @... and well… i should also point out that special underpants are just plain funnier than burkas, yamakas, turbans, collars or whatever you call those things on nuns.

    why did the mormons intervene in california politics and attempt to deny civil rights to gays? did they have sticks up their asses? nay. just special underpants. really uncomfortable special underpants.

  • Dan says:

    @Dan Mitt is the America’s dream leader at this time, or you will let the Kenyan’s kid take over one more term,no more,enough is over enough.When the Muslim mosque Building appear completely in ground zero,it is Obama change completed,because Muslim had already replaced Jesus Christ in the world,do American people have ever known it? the change we believe in is not the change America need,it is the change America nightmare under Obama rule(no one can read any bill) and the America under power dependent to Kenya(no more the America supper power in this world)

  • Mb says:

    @Mb Ok so to the funny man who made the comment about an autographed pair of special underpants…..first of all you’re misinformed second I always thought America was about tolerence third do u make fun of Muslims wearing burkahs or Jews wearing yammakahs? Or people who wear turbins or nuns wearing habbits or priests wearing white collars? So why do u single out Mormons? What makes that ok?

    1. ... says:

      @... proposition 8.

    2. not jewish says:

      @not jewish but isn’t it spelled “yarmulkes”?

      1. and says:

        @and burka, or burqa– turban…. blerg too much to fix

      2. also says:

        @also “habits”, not spelled like “hobbits”

        1. I'm pretty sure says:

          @I'm pretty sure you missed a comma in there somewhere as well.

          1. gramur says:

            @gramur Dude, calm yourselves. I can’t spell either.

  • Dandini says:

    @Dandini Who can show they have as much capabilit and ability as Romney has of the challenges faced in both the national and global economies. He has an MBA and LAW degree, cum laude, from Harvard.

    As a highly successful leader in business, he made money by turning around struggling companies such as Monsanto, Dominos Pizza, Burlington, Corning, and others, saving thousands of jobs.

    Later he ran a venture capital firm which provided money to numerous startup companies such as Staples Office Supplies, enabling them to expand and create thousands of more jobs. During the 14 years he headed the company, Bain Capital’s average ANNUAL rate of return on investments was 113 percent.

    As Governor of MA, he worked to turn around MA’s economy from deficit to surplus, balancing their budget in less than 4 yrs. And never took a salary for those 4 yrs.

    When the Salt Lake City Olympics struggled under scandal and financial disaster he went to Salt Lake, took over for a one (1) dollar salary, saved the Olympics and made it profitable, leading to one of the most financially successful Olympics in US history.

    What is the biggest problem in America today? It’s the economy, stupid!

    1. Too bad says:

      @Too bad the Mitt Romney who was a successful businessman has been replaced by the political hack you see today. He spends most of his time bending over backwards to appease the Republican party base. His “staunch” opposition to a national health care bill that was virtually identical to the one he championed in Massachusetts is a great example of this. Other than that, it’s hilarious watching him try to prove how conservative he is when he’s clearly a man without any convictions. If you want to see how truly idiotic Romney is then just read his op-ed on the START treaty and how it was crushed by everyone else with at least a modicum foreign policy expertise.

      1. Jane says:

        @Jane It is not true that ObamaCare and MassCare are virtually identical. Far from it. Sure, there are some similarities, such as the mandate. But ObamaCare is over 2000 pages, MassCare about 70.

        It is also untrue that Romney stands alone in his opposition to the START treaty. There are many experts who believe the treaty is wrong for America. Might be a good idea for you to read up on why he opposes it, rather than to simply oppose Romney.

  • ... says:

    @... i’m only registering if i get an autographed pair of special underpants.

    1. Stem says:

      @Stem Being associated with Monsanto in any way should be reason enough to go to jail.
      Those people are criminals.

      1. Agreed says:

        @Agreed The news about the farmers in India is horrifying but not all that surprising. Monsanto is a genuinely wicked company.

        If you know any soybean farmers in the United States I’m sure they could tell you all about it. Monsanto has a patent on the gene that makes soybeans resistant to their herbicide Roundup and charges a license on it to farmers who plant it. The problem is that soybean pollen doesn’t care whether or not the owner of a particular plant payed the licenses, so if your neighbor plants Roundup Ready soybeans yours are pretty much guaranteed to be contaminated. Then when Monsanto sues (they give bounties on tips and farmers are desperate) you have to prove your innocence.

        Of course the real fun part doesn’t start until you defend yourself. Then these big beefy guys start snooping around your property, partly to look for evidence but mostly to scare the shit out of you. You can call the police, they’ll come arrest them, but they deny any link and there’s not enough evidence for a felony so they let them go and Monsanto just sends some other guys that the police haven’t seen yet to do the same thing.

        It became such a problem that some people from one of the churches in my hometown in Indiana got together and started standing watch for people that were getting sued. Just a couple of parishioners out on the porch with hunting rifles and a pot of coffee for six hours at a time… at least America has some fight left.

        But seriously, fuck Monsanto.

        1. ... says:

          @... it’s gone now, but the remnants still remain. i decided i wasn’t a huge fan of jeffrey sachs when i found a video of him on the monsanto website singing the praises of “teaching a man to buy fishing line from monsanto.” granted, when people are starving and they really need the fishing line, that’s one thing, but i have deep skepticism with respect to the lines between truly altruistic behavior and business development. (and no, not all business is bad… but c’mon, if you’re going to work with developing nations under the banner of truly helping them… put the bizdev aside and teach a man to fucking fish, please.)

          google for “jeffrey sachs monsanto” and you’ll see it’s the first link. unfortunately, it appears to have been recently scrubbed from their site… there are a few press releases that reference it if you dig, but really the google abstract covers it.

        2. Anonymous says:

          @Anonymous …this was used for a UW paper on copyright back in my class…besides soybeans, they’re starving out the third-world countries. woot woot corporate agriculture.

  • ABRanteweia says:

    @ABRanteweia Mitt Romney is a very smart man, and he is the only candidate from GOP can be defeated the current President of the United States of America in 2012.

    1. GS Alum says:

      @GS Alum Huh?????

    2. Romney says:

      @Romney Will never make it out of the GOP primary.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous OK…setting aside Romney’s backwards politics and lack of integrity (i.e. lambasting a national health reform that mirrored his own health reform as Governor of Massachusetts), I must say, this answer to a 2008 primary debate question makes me want to vomit most of all:

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous We are the greatest nation on earth. His answer was cliche but that ought to tell you something about America’s reputation.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Awesome! too bad there’s a fee. 10 bucks… blerg.

  • Oh man says:

    @Oh man This guy is good looking!

    1. yup says:

      @yup You should check out photos of him when he was young. Republicans are hott.

      1. no says:

        @no nope, he’s the only one. none of the women on Fox News are attractive either.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous In addition to Mitt Romney we’re going to have some great other speakers — the 2008 conference had speakers like Paul Farmer, Jeffrey Sachs, and John Legend!

    Sign up now, while registration is still only $10!

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