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You, as a Kenneth Cole Scholar

In July, we wrote about Kenneth Cole’s new and somewhat surprising friendship with Columbia. The details were slightly murky, but we knew that it was something to do with community service and a summer internship. Today, Deans Moody-Adams and Peña-Mora sent around an email officially announcing the Kenneth Cole Community Engagement Program. Prospective Kenneth Cole fellows should consult this list of course requirements; CC and SEAS prospies will have to select two courses from separate lists of four. The courses focus on community building, taking the form of Sociology, Urban Studies/Planning, Poli Sci, Science and Society, Engineering for Developing Communities, and so on. You’ll also get a summer internship and summer housing. And unlimited sleek black clothing—because you’re a real New Yorker now!

PrezBo is teaching a new class this fall, but you probably can’t take it. The course is A Free Press for a Global Society, and it sounds awesome, at least to Bwog. The course description:

A Free Press for a Global Society examines both the U.S. experience in developing a system of freedom of the press and the international experience as well.  The course will then consider how a more integrated system might evolve over the coming decades.  This is a pressing issue, for individual nations and for the worldwide community, because the increased interconnectedness of the global economy, the rise of global problems (such as climate change and financial regulation), and the emergence of technologies that make global communication possible all depend upon a free flow of information and ideas.  Students will undertake in depth examinations of First Amendment law, international treaties and principles, public policies affecting the press, and a range of perspectives on these issues.  Miklós Haraszti, former OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, will co-teach the course with President Lee C. Bollinger.  Guest speakers will be invited to address the class.  Students are invited to participate in a variety of ways in the conference of the same name held in November.

Unfortunately, only Poli Sci majors/concentrations were forwarded an email about how to sign up for the waiting list for the class… since only 10 undergrads are allowed in the class and you can’t register online. If you feel like begging, contact the people on this list. Just don’t take our waiting list spot.

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  2. CC'14

    What's the dress code like for classes? Is it okay if I wear shorts instead of pants? Thanks!

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    You don't have to go to the lecture, just look into space with the telescopes, I regret not finding these public stargazing and lecture nights until my second term.

    Ed.: Fixed your link.

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