Wake Up And Learn Things With Bwog, Round 3

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More advice from old-school Blue & White! Listen and learn! Stop drop and roll!

  • Take Art and Music Hum as soon as possible. The further in debt this top-notch education puts you, the more difficult it will be to sit through hours of bull. The topical discussions will rarely satisfy the interested student. That leaves a room full of dissatisfied or disinterested students, who are sitting in the dark, often times literally. Yes, there are excellent sections of these classes, sections taught by the most competent grad students and learned professors. But, good luck finding one of those on a long list of “instructor TBA.” [Editors note: you can get into Art Hum if you say you’re going to be an Art History major. If you’re legitimately musically talented, you can take a test to pass out of Music Hum. If you hate your professor, drop it and do your CULPA research/ask around for a good one.]
  • Here at Columbia, there is a well-known fact that, if no other sense of spirit or cohesion pervades our campus, we can all be united in whining. In many instances, the ability to offer a complaint will serve you well as a social lubricant. Here are a few key grumbles The Blue and White suggests you commit to memory:
    1. “When will those clowns at the Spec learn how to copy edit?”
    2. “I had forgotten we have a football team.”
    3. “Those Lerner ramps are a big waste of space.”
    4. “You actually eat the John Jay hamburgers?”
    5. “Man, I didn’t realize that advising sucks so much.”
    6. “My Lit Hum professor blows.”
  • If you arrived at Columbia hoping you’d be able to retain and then marry your significant other from high school, think again. For the gentlemen, College is the one shining moment to sow wild oats and bask in the delicious rays of sexual irresponsibility. For the ladies, we’re truly sorry, but your boyfriend is cheating on you.

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  1. Come on, Bwog...

    I love you, I do. But I'm going to be the reader who cries heterosexism.

    Ladies, your insignificant other is cheating on you.

    • yeah really  

      bwog, your last bullet point is lame.

      oh wait! i get it. you were trying to bait the barnard girls into crying sexism and women's sexuality so that you could show the freshmen how bwog barnard bashing works!

      but really though. it's lame.

    • Anonymous  

      Assuming that everything bwog says is true, this is also painting a grim picture of homosexual relationships as extremely infirm. In the gay case, since both parties are gents, both parties are sowing their wild oats, which implies both parties are cheating on one another. In the lesbian case, since both parties are ladies, both parties are being cheated on, which implies both parties are cheating on one another.

      • Gavin (Bwog Staff)  

        Thank you for voicing your concerns. It should be noted that the post comes from the 2003 magazine archives and does not necessarily represent either the views of the current staff of the Blue and White/Bwog or the campus climate around issues of sexual identity. We do not wish to promote either sexism or heterosexism, and sincerely hope that all students have the relationships that are right for them.

  2. Unless I'm mistaken...

    Music historians of the class of 2014, know that you can only take the Music Hum exemption test now, during NSOP.

  3. Anonymous

    Don't lay all the blame on the current staff. This is advice from B&W editors of yore. Who probably weren't getting any.

  4. CC'14  

    Is it safe to walk around Harlem after 10pm? Some of my friends wanted to go to the Hamilton Deli last night, but I didn't know if I could leave campus or not without getting shot.

  5. Anonymous

    Bwog should post a guide to acronyms and abbreviations for '14.

    Also, don't wander around Harlem at night. And get off a 2 at 96th.

    • false

      Every single Columbia student ever takes the 2 to 116th once in their college career. Do it now and get it out of the way. It's a pretty cool walk when it's not 2am (which is a pretty good rule for most neighborhoods I might add).

      • SEAS '12

        Or get off somewhere in the general area. Freshman year, my friends and I got off at 110th on the 2 or 3 sometime past midnight (we'd planned to go to Westside Market before returning to the dorms), realized our mistake, walked through the park in a "I'm preeeettty sure Columbia is on the other side of this thing...", felt even more lost, and then had a police officer approach us. It was at this point that what we thought was "Morningside Park" was, in fact, Central Park. No mishaps since!

        I wonder if there's a Columbia record for number of times forgetting to switch trains at 96th.

    • Hans  (Bwog Staff)  

      Stick around tomorrow, you'll be pleasantly surprised!

  6. Anonymous

    Lets pause for a moment to appreciate the irony of B&W/Bwog poking fun at Spec's copy editors in the same piece that features this sentence: "If you arrived at Columbia thinking you’d able to retain and then marry your significant other from high school, think again."

  7. Advice!

    If you happen to have enough money to take summer classes, then taking Art and Music Hum in the summer is a good choice. The instructors are listed for each section before registration, so you can choose your instructor. And being in New York in the summer is fun.

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