ID-Ology: Morningside Bar Trading Cards

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We hear Campo has been a real shitshow (always the fresh-person word of choice to describe anything) the last few nights. Explore your other options, limited as they may be, with bar trading cards, originally posted in last year’s Orientation Blue & White. Have fun post-gaming your Intrepid party! Illustrations by Stephen Davan. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Hey

    Who's up for video chat?

  2. Anonymous  

    some of these illustrations are so retarded... the heights is completely wrong

  3. Recycled  

    This is recycled from a B&W issue last year...shame.

  4. Yo

    When do the cool kids move in? And do we have class on Rosh Hashanah?

  5. Anonymous

    I've actually seen that guy at Canon's...

  6. Stay Gold Ponyboy

    Stay gold....



    Anyone else here notice FB's new "Reach Out" box is displaying creepy people?? I've refreshed my page 50 times and my exgf popped up 41/50 times along with a girl i asked out last friday 37/50. CREEPY AS FUCK

    • meh

      i'm pretty sure the system chooses who to put in that box based on how frequently you look at someone's profile.

      • HOLY SHIT

        well, the girl i asked out last week - i look at her profile just as much as i look at pretty much everyone else's.... if anything i look at my brother's profile 3x more than i look at hers simply cause we talk all the time. could it also be the people who look at YOUR profile the most AND the profiles that YOU look at most? Like, it has to be bothways - both people have to look at each other's a lot or something....or maybe im wrong but this shit is creepy.

        anyone else have this same shit? weird as hell.

        • Sorry to get your hopes up loser

          ....just an illusion of what you want to see. You imagine her picture is up there, but in reality, it's of some fat Ukranian chick.

        • Yeah....

          I would honestly be shocked if that were the case. The people who seem to populate that box for me are people whose profiles I have viewed recently and in the past but with whom I have communicated little. I think it telling that there are two specific people that, based on odd things they've recently told me, I am pretty certain ARE facebook-stalking me (and, believe me, I do not flatter myself with that assertion...) and neither of these people have ever popped up in that box. Meanwhile, a girl that I had a thing for and whose profile I viewed pretty frequently until I decided, about a month ago, that it was unhealthy shows up, like, more than half the time in that damned thing (which is really annoying and unhelpful).

  8. Anonymous

    ok 1020 spot on..the heights, however-- has the author ever been there? total miss.

    And Professors don't go to Campo, yuppy tools go there. Though I have seen professors at the heights.

  9. seriously?

    Stop using the word 'tool,' it's not a thing, seriously. Say tool one more goddam time, say it again, I dare ya, I triple dare ya.

  10. uh...

    chamomile gin? does it come with a pillow and a blanket? that's a nap waiting to happen.

  11. Hey derr

    I love Haakon's. I don't know if fakes are going to work there. But, if you're old enough, get thee to the Hall post haste.

  12. CC10  

    As a proud member of the collegiate class of 2010, I am ashamed of our class's association with O'Connell's. Still not sure how that happened.

    Also, it hasn't been Canons since before any current undergrad got to campus. It's no more Canons than Havana Central is the West End, Pourhouse is Mona's, or Lion's Head is Joe's Cantina.

  13. 2010  

    The Heights is the shit. That is all.

  14. Correction

    The crowd at Campo is actually made up of football bros who call it "The Camp"

  15. Anonymous


    Cannon's is made up of Manhattan College kids and Columbia kids who come in late and bitch about the MC kids that are there,

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