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The basement of the West End. Photo via Wikimedia

Sometimes, fresh-people, in a seminar, or at a party, someone will reference something that used to exist and doesn’t anymore, and you will have to nod your head or laugh knowingly. Ah yes, Morningside is like, so gentrified, you will say.

We asked alumni of The Blue and White and Bwog for places, events, and trends that once were and are no longer. Here’s your leg up.

  • When at least some people on campus wore fleeces and baggy-ish jeans
  • JJ’s at 4 AM (now open until 2 AM, was a bar when your dad went here)
  • McIntosh Hall and the old WBAR studio in it
  • Flashing, not swiping, your CUID to get into Butler
  • A respectable 1020 (was once an upperclassmen bar before the West End became Havana, now your first NSOP stop)
  • Shit in the McBain showers
  • Arson in the McBain shaft
  • Using AIM
  • AmCaf
  • The Village Pourhouse used to be Mona, a bar that was better than the Village Pourhouse. Before Mona, there was SoHa. Girls used to dance on the bar. “There would be massive drunken dancing,” one alum whispered over GChat, “and then you’d just start making out with random decent-looking girls.”
  • CoBag (Columbia Bagels, open 24/7. Bwog editors coined the ‘Morningside Heights Happy Meal’: a 40 and bagel at 3 AM)
  • “I once saw a rat in Ferris”
  • The West End basement when Lil’ Jon was popular (fabled Columbia hangout of everyone, ever, including Obama and Jack Kerouac, with fantastic burgers and lots of beer pong)
  • Creepy Wein doors that had horizontal slats at the top (for oxygen, we believe)
  • The yearly letter Foner would write to Spec explaining that he is not a Gyllenhaal
  • The old Westside
  • Good Spec reporting (MEALAC!)
  • Vampire Weekend performing at ADP and St. A’s
  • CUCommunity (offered a share in Facebook, but they turned it down. Bummer!)
  • Manhattanville protests
  • 40’s on 40 without the playpen and drink tickets

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  1. old  

    I still use AIM. What the fuck are you kids using instead these days?

  2. '14  

    hey it would have been great to get a schedule of which clubs or at least types of clubs are going to be in lerner throughout the day

  3. I've had to explain  

    the hunger strikes to a lot of new students. God am I that old?

    Also something no one else remembers: POGS!

  4. i like this...  

    post. it is bwog at its best.

  5. What?  

    People definitely still wear fleeces. And not EVERYONE wears super skinny jeans...

  6. cc'11

    Dear Bwog,

    you probably forgot about dogears, which was probably before your time. IT was amazingly useful and unmatched; everyone used dogears... for books, off campus housing, personals. Too bad they shut it down.

    Also, my recaptcha was jorgenson, one of the best professors I've had at columbia, he's such a sweet cute old man.

    • One more thing...

      What ever happened to the care packages, during finals????!?! I guess our parent's don't love us anymore.. :..(

      oh and CU snacks was wayyyy overpriced. One of the main contributors of freshman (15+5n) and obesity on campus. I mean how lazy can columbia students be?

  7. Anonymous

    why not put the link to WikiCU's page on st. a's? don't tell me bwog is pandering to this not so secret society.

    to all the freshmen who haven't been told of st. a's, here it is:
    it's really not as cool as it seems.

  8. Class of 2010  

    40s on 40 was not bad this year. As long as the 40 was disguised as Starbucks Coffee you were good to go. I had my 3-4 40s just lyign around in the sun that afternoon

  9. don't forget  

    la negrita, which was 999 and then some random place called noco... it'll always me la neg to me.

  10. '08er

    I remember hearing vampire weekend got third place (out of three) in a columbia battle of the bands, although i wasn't there

  11. John Jay Trays

    No more free sleds. :(

  12. cannons

    although its been o'connell's now for 4 or 5 years, the upperclassmen called it Cannon's and the habit stuck.

  13. Anonymous

    Kim's! Now there's no place to rent movies near campus. Plus, it was always entertaining when the Kim's staff scoffed at your movie choices.

  14. not wein

    Wien, like the city in Austria. Wien. Wienwienwienwienwien.

  15. and of course there was

    nachos HAH.

  16. Escapee

    Before Morton Williams, there was UFM.

    Race Protests (Fall 2007 - Hunger Strike)

    Race Protests (Spring 2006 - SHOCC)

    Race Protests (Spring 2004 - Columbia University Concerned Students of Color Protest)

  17. hm?  

    I don't understand the link next to "Good Spec reporting". What does the MEALAC controversy have to do with Spec?

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