While You Were Tanning

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The Bwog editors didn’t take the summer off! Here are the highlights from when you were reading People instead of Bwog these past few months.

  • GS Valedictorian Brian Corman “borrowed” a joke from a comedian in his speech.
  • The 2011 Class Council used an idea from V116 for a new freshman initiative.
  • [email protected] announced its allocations for the various governing boards, including a major cut for the IGC.
  • The New York State Court of Appeals upheld Columbia’s use of eminent domain for the Manhattanville expansion.
  • Columbia has a long history of schooling spies.
  • The Barnard administration cooperates with the producers of Gossip Girl for future plot lines.
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the Batmobile were spotted on campus.
  • Columbia jumped to #4 (#4!) in the U.S. News & World Report rankings.
  • The Economics Department created a Finance-Economics major.
  • Urban Outfitters opened their UWS location, and Mel’s Burger Bar finally opened its doors–try their alcoholic milkshakes.

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  1. alum

    Brian Corman = major hottie

  2. CC 13  

    I'm pretty sure it's "financial economics." It might be too soon to start ragging on the sellouts.

  3. still here  

    Brian Corman = 100% embarrassment

  4. alum

    Brian Corman = very googleable

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