LEAPFROG: Columbia Jumps to 4th in USNWR Rankings

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The 2011 edition of the US News & World Report‘s “Best National Colleges” rankings just came out (like, a femtosecond ago), and our humble little university In The City of New York has jumped to 4th place from 8th place last year, putting us right behind Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. The USNWR rankings are arguably the most widely quoted college rankings out there, and we’re guessing there’s nothing but pure Cristal flowing through Hamilton right now.

Cheers! Now crack open a bottle! Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

However, we should note that other rankings have been slowly been released these past few weeks, and Alma Mater did not fare so well in their eyes. Forbes ranked Columbia 13th, the Academic Ranking of World Universities puts us at 8th internationally, and the hodgepodge of rankings over at The Princeton Review puts Columbia in the top 10 lists only for best library (5th) and best college town (1st).

I guess you can’t win them all. But we’ll have a hearty swig of that Cristal now, please.

Update: So some of the crazies over at College Confidential believe that USNews miscalculated Stanford’s ratings and that it should actually be at #4, leaving us at #5. We don’t speak this language but you can investigate for yourself on this nutso thread.

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  1. russki

    one order of bottles & models 4 MMA's ofc., pls.

  2. really forbes?

    Williams College is #1 and Harvard 8? What the hell is Williams College?

  3. Anonymous

    are you fuckin' kidding me!?!?!?!? I mean, the rankings have always been BS, but this just completely affirms that.

  4. sweet jesus yes

    i have been waiting for this all my life. so long uchicago. suck it stanford, caltech and mit! bitches!!! u got pwnzED!!!!!

  5. college confidential

    is gonna have a field day

  6. the crunkest


  7. where...

    the fuck is my cigar! about time ole alma, about time.

  8. Bad Analogy Guy

    College rankings are like invisible kangaroos. They go up and down and have no basis in reality.

  9. John

    fuck upenn and uchicago... finally. this is great.

  10. cc

    i don't care if this ranking has no real meaning.

    It boosts my inner ego, so FUCK PENN AND DUKE! HELL YEA

  11. I don't need...

    ...your pussy bitch, I'm on my own dick. I ain't gotta power trip, who you going home with?

  12. Anonymous

    FUCK YEAH!!!!!

    FUCK STANFORD!!!!!!!!!

  13. Anonymous

    great! bwog, when was the last time CU was ranked this highly?

  14. fianlly the end to the debate

    barnard at no. 30 lol almost missed it it was so far down

    • Oh shit

      I see what you did there. Very clever.

      recaptcha: topshelf league

    • US News closes the debate...

      if you click on the Columbia link: "Columbia is comprised of three undergraduate schools—Columbia College, The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), and the School of General Studies... Columbia is affiliated with Barnard College for women, the Union Theological Seminary, and the Jewish Theological Seminary of America." THANK YOU.

    • Alum

      Barnard suffers in the rankings because they are designed to measure schools that don't have partnerships like the one between Barnard and Columbia. US News looked only at Barnard's faculty, resources and course offerings without factoring in what's available at Columbia.

      Barnard does poorly on some of these measures precisely *because* of the partnership; for example, it has a small library because it has never needed to build a major collection and has no place to put one. Each year the money it might have spent on a major library of its own is paid over to Columbia instead to pay Barnard's share of its budget.

  15. Sons of Knickerbocker

    This is not enough. We will not rest until we take #1.

  16. Anonymous

    For all the Californians...

    FUCK STANFORD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Anonymous

    on a side note:

    how does one become a swiper?

    • Like a residence hall swiper?

      1) Prove you have work study

      2) Fill out the times you can (read: want to) work after your schedule is finalized when you apply. The application is in Public Safety's office in Low Library. I actually suggest you do it even if everything isn't set in stone b/c you'll end up with a Sat/Sun 7:30 shift in EC. Never fun. Make sure you have at least 2 time slots open.

      3) Work

      IMHO, I absolutely hated working as a swiper. I got sick all the time (constantly open doors). Obnoxious people will just walk by (you can get fired on the spot for that). Some officers who come by are rather nasty for no reason. But at least you get paid to sit on your ass and catch up on reading for 3hrs a shift.

  18. What up...


    Love this!!!!!

    Roar lion roar!!!

  19. happy but....

    Err U.S. News messed up stanford's scoring... it should have gotten 2-5 more points than it did... I feel that once outraged stanford kids report this to news agencies and crap newsweek wil lbe forced to change the rankings... so Columbia will sit at 5th... below Stanford...

  20. What up...


    Love this!

    Roar lion roar!!!

  21. How was our fall

    '09 acceptance rate 10%? I'm pretty sure it was in the nine percent range in '08 so i doubt it went up from there. What did they include GS or something??

  22. Ben Franklin's ggggggggrandson W '14

    I weep for dear Penn this year.

    I think Blair Waldorf transferring really helped CU this year. It shall not last in 2012.

  23. Anonymous

    COLUMBIA! (who?) COLUMBIA!!! (ohhh!)

  24. Dear Stanford

    Suck my balls.

  25. Anonymous

    a jump like this usually follows either a methodology change on USNews' part, or a reporting change on the Schools' part. Chicago's jump from the mid-teens to a top-10 tie was credited to a change in their method of calculating alumni donation rate to be more in line with peer schools. This year USNWR put a heavier emphasis on graduation rates, and slashed the weight of the "Peer opinion" score, and introduced a HS counselor opinion category.

    In short, our rise has been fueled in part by either our apparently traditionally strong graduation rates, or our unexpected popularity with High School college counselors, or a combination of both.

  26. ...  

    clearly the editors of USNWR have discovered the magic of a perfectly engineered ramp that guides salsa directly onto their tortilla chips.

  27. Forbes playing 52 pick-up with index cards with university names on them. Disregard.

    So, in the spring I left the school that was tied for 8th place and am now coming back to the 4th place university? I feel like I've transferred up without the paperwork.

    Lastly, our lions ate your quakers and pooped out Stanford.

  28. Dora says...  

    Swiper, no swiping!!

  29. Argh, swiping is annoying

    Don't do it

    1) there is no way you can get work done
    2) do you know how awkward it is to return the IDs of your friend's \visitors\
    3) The faculty who live there you do not have to swipe, in fact, you have to memorise their faces for the one time you'll see them
    4)Staff have gotten use to people not swiping them, stop them and double check and they get pissed (I understand the uniformed ones, but plain cloths staff I have no idea if you work here)
    5) The person after you is always late and, if by chance they skip work(which happens often), you are stuck there until they find a replacement, no exceptions.
    6) 15 mins for lunch
    7) The chair sucks, my back still hurts
    8)If there is an office behind your station, you have to call the various offices to make sure they have an appointment
    9)In general, you'll get to see all the holes in our security, which doesn't help with sleeping at night

    But, I have to say to people who run the program are trying very hard. They are just overwhelmed by a ton of people trying to take advantage of the program. Tons of people fail at this job and get fired. But, all in all, work in a lab, it looks better on your resume.

  30. roar lions roar

    nicely done Columbia.

  31. whatevs

    Columbia's already in the top three ranked by number of billionaire alums, according to infallible source

  32. Columbian

    Amen, onward and upward evermore.

  33. cc

    Oh SHIT

    I just realized that next year we are allowing the common app. That means that our admission rate is sure to drop significantly!

  34. And the Lord Said unto Moses

    Oh baby, I'm a cock star.

  35. just curious

    i'm not signing up for a dining plan, but what are these "floating" meals you get on the highest plan? also, like giving us 6 faculty house meals makes up for 9 months of john jay food.

  36. ah ha!

    Now I know how the Russian guy in the Verizon commercial feels after kissing the tiny giraffe!

  37. Anonymous

    haha... this is good. Now, my rankings-obsessed chinese grandparents will actually bother learning the name of my college.

  38. what does my wallet say? says Bad Ass Motha F**ka


    this report is killer. now on to channelin our newfound pride to homecoming and set another record finally! C'Mon son!

  40. Harmony Hunter Mk II

    How can I find Harmony in the list?

  41. Alumnumnum

    I am deeply torn between two reactions:

    1) The qualitative differences between universities at this level are so slight and discipline-dependent that U.S. News rankings are a complete vanity exercise.


  42. ANGRY GSer

    As a GSer am I allowed to be proud?

    • Anonymous

      sure, why not? you guys are officially part of an undergraduate school of Columbia, unlike that school closeby

    • Anonymous

      No, no you're not. Just shut up and be grateful that you're allowed to sit in a room with CC and SEAS students.

    • cc

      GS is absolutely counted as a part of these rankings. So are graduate schools. This ranking is odd because it largely markets itself as a ranking of undergraduate schools, but takes into account graduate schools. See it is a ranking of universities.

    • ...

      you're allowed to feel however you want. but as a gs student myself, i'll tell you that i don't derive any pride from it, or anything related to columbia university to be honest.

      i see it this way. it's like i dropped my future life savings to be smuggled into the us as an illegal immigrant. do i derive some benefit from it? sure. but the idea of having any sort of civic pride is really quite laughable.

      honestly, when you know that the people sitting next to you in class are charged significantly less, and you know that at the end you'll receive a "special" diploma and will be on a "special" alumni list... it's really quite hard to feel any sense of connection to the place.

      in fact, it turns into a cynical and bitter exercise. the whole thing is really depressing. had i the opportunity to do it all over, i would have shredded the admissions packet in a heartbeat. maybe i would have had to pay an extra $30 a year for printing dollars, and maybe the class sizes would have been larger, and it certainly wouldn't have been ranked top 10 by some silly organization that uses a bunch of arbitrarily chosen metrics that include silly things like endowment size (does endowment size matter when most of it is attached to the medical school anyway?) ... but most importantly, i think this whole endeavor would have worked out a hell of a lot better at a place where i would have been just a student, rather than a member of an underclass that is defined not by any individuals, but by the policies and procedures of the institution itself.

      • Ahhhhmmmm...

        I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that, perhaps, your experience/perception of GS may be unique. In fact, it probably doesn't warrant a handful of gloomy paragraphs in an otherwise upbeat comment section. Plenty of GS students get great scholarships and, believe it or not, full rides.

        Like, for example, moi.

        • ...

          unlikely. i've spoken to many people about this.

          there are a handful of PALS people who get free rides. maybe a kid or two on jack kent cooke (outside scholarship). the vets don't get much from the university, but that's because the VA makes up for it and then some (as it should be).

          the remaining hundreds receive no more than $18k/yr and gs students regularly graduate with debt that is well north of $100,000.00.

          when you go to the USNWR webpage for columbia, the very last sentence in the description reads "We believe cost should not be a barrier to pursuing your educational dreams."

          so either that page is not for the school i attend, or it's complete bullshit. which is it?

      • cc

        if you don't like it, then leave.

      • '10

        well actually most of our endowment is in real estate. if we were less conservative in our accounting principles like harvard or yale, we would probably have as much endowment $$$$$ as they do.

        we probs have about $15BN sacked away in real estate, not to mention the value of manhattanville. if times get tough, we'll be just fine. you know, columbia used to own rockefeller center, till the 80's when she needed some cash to fund more stuff around campus (sold to a japanese conglomerate for a mere 1/3 or 1/4 of its value)...

        the disadvantage of having money tied up in real estate is that you can't use endowment spending off of it--the traditional 5% take per year.

        • Hmm...

          I don't mean to rain on your parade or spoil the sentiment here, and I should say that I'm overjoyed about the rankings. We all benefit when our alma mater is acknowledged. That said, I feel compelled to call your attention to a slight matter of grammatical usage that you'd be wise to be aware of, hopefully without being too much of a jerk or shattering the communal pride on display. **We** don't have 15 billion dollars. Perhaps *they* have 15 billion dollars, or perhaps (and more likely) they one day will. If times are tough, *they* will be fine indeed... and will gladly call you for a donation.

        • Anonymous

          " if we were less conservative in our accounting principles like harvard or yale, we would probably have as much endowment $$$$$ as they do."
          I don't know about Yale, but Harvard got pretty reamed during the whole economic meltdown thing:

        • Financial corrective

          1) Our endowment only is $7 billion.
          2) When we sold Rockefeller Center in 1985, we got $400 million. That's equivalent to $800 million in today's dollars. (And your 1/4 discount factor still leaves your estimate $12 billionish short.) And Manhattanville is certainty not Rockefeller Center.

          (Disclaimer: not an expert, don't know what exactly Columbia owns in terms of real estate, blah blah blah)

          • '10

            what i meant:

            our endowment is $5.8BN, but a substantial amount of non-recorded money is tied up in real estate, about $15BN. $15 BN + $5.8 BN is about $20.8 BN, which is similar to the realization of endowment that HYP put on the balance sheet...

            I was not stating future money terms (no where in that statement did i ask you to pull out financial econ v 3025)... $400 million in 80's was 1/3 of the $1.2 BN - $1.6BN it was worth back then, that much has since changed, and indeed the value of real estate in NYC has grown significantly in the last 20 or 30 years.

          • Alum

            Aside from the campus and other facilities, Columbia's books carry most of its real estate holdings at market value. The only exceptions are the apartment buildings where Columbia houses faculty, staff and grad students. Those buildings function more as facilities than as endowment, so it makes sense not to carry them at their market rate. In fact, it would probably make sense to stop counting them as endowment at all.

            Those buildings are not as valuable as you might think. On top of that, they account for several hundred million dollars of the endowment's current total. The difference between the actual value of those buildings and their cash value is probably not much more than $1 billion.

            Columbia does not include the value of its campus in its endowment, but neither do any other major universities. This is for good reason, since facilities are not endowment and vice versa. Facilities are things a university uses while endowments are sources of revenue. There is a huge difference between, say, Hamilton Hall and Columbia's stake in Microsoft. It would make no sense to treat them alike.

            Also, some of our peers have far more space than we do, and the value they are not counting is sometimes more than the value we're not counting. It's not clear that we would move up on any list if everyone started including the value of facilities in their endowments.

          • not an econ i just play one on tv

            How much of the $15 billion consists of real state that Columbia would *actually* sell? Sure, we could probably get rid of one or two random buildings in midtown, but you've gotta be an a dire situation to sell, or use as collateral, any part of campus.

          • Hmmm...

            How much would Lerner Hall get us and can we sell it first in an emergency? On an unrelated note, I would like to put in an emergency request for enough money to build a student centre, it's a shame we don't have one.

          • Anonymous

            Wait, you're telling me they haven't already sold Lerner?

    • CC

      Of course; you're Columbians like us!


      yo, despite the lack of financial aid, I'm also in General Studies and I'm glad to have contributed to the news ranking as well as get the returns. I'm 20 years old and my SATs were 800, 780, 800 and I was high school salutatorian. The only reason I'm in GS instead of CC is because I took 2 years off school for some other important things (CC doesn't let someone in my situation even apply). I remember speaking to General Studies admissions people asking if I'd be a "shoo-in" given my scores and the perceived ease of entry and the lady said "no way. i'd say you have competitive scores, but it would still be hard to say if you have a good chance or not". So for those of us under the age of 25 who got into GS, we got in with some pretty good scores.


  43. Former GSer

    Considering that you go to Columbia University, I'd say yes.

  44. Holy shit

    I seriously can't believe this many people from Columbia care so deeply about arbitrary college rankings... now I know what kind of school I go to, I guess... :-(

  45. Salsabol!

    Support Columbia alums on their quest to make the perfect salsa bowl: Just because you're bitter and unemployed doesn't mean that everyone is!

  46. Anonymous

    Don't forget, the international rankings list places us above Oxford. Always nice.

    • anon

      poor Oxbridge -- a thousand years to build an endowment and they forgot to do it.

      • it has to do with the way they're funded

        oxbridge are funded by the crown, and generally eu nations pay for/subsidize the cost of attendance for their citizens studying at oxbridge, because of this, oxbridge doesn't need to have huge endowments to say fund financial aid programs. though many of them do have small endowments to fund capital expansion/other projects.

  47. US News closes the debate...

    I printed out the rankings and posted them on my home fridge. It's not getting obsessed over a stupid arbitrary list, it's appreciating the fact that your college is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

    And anyone who feels like this is a good time to be a downer can just suck it and post somewhere else bitchessssss

    ROAR LIONS ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. cc

    did anyone else notice that according to this listing our tuition is higher than EVERY OTHER school? And significantly higher than our peer Ivies.

  49. Anon

    Nobody is talking about Barnard in that particular thread.

  50. anon

    I love how Brown is scraping along at the bottom of the ivies.

    • Anonymous

      It's a better school than cornell

      • anon

        not if you want to be a large animal veterinarian. oh *SNAP*

        • lawl

          to be fair cornell engineering is highest out of all the ivies. brown is absolutely worthless...kick out brown, put in MIT and Stanford. i'd suggest kicking out cornell as well if it wasn't for their engineering school

          • eh

            word on wall street and anyone else interning around here would know that brown has HORRIBLE representation in our intern classes...i see more UVA and Northwestern and even Berkeley kids at my internships than brown'ies. cornell sucks but the number of assholes they send to wall street each year is impressive. now, whether those kids perform well and stay for more than 2 years is a whole nother story. but at least they get their feet in the door more than brown people. i interned at goldman last summer and there was 5x more cornell dicks than brown kids.


            1. Karl Marx

            sign your names!

          • Anonymous

            Fuck you and your money obsessed Wall Street culture. On an unrelated note, FUCK YEAH COLUMBIA SUCK IT PENN AND SUCK IT STANFORD



            At jp morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley last year, the schools that sent the most interns:

            1. Wharton (does NOT include upenn arts & sciences)
            2. Harvard, Princeton (tied)
            3. Yale, Columbia (near tie)
            4. Cornell (surprising, ain't it?)
            5. NYU Stern (does NOT include NYU Arts & Sciences)
            6. UPenn (does not include Wharton), tied with MIT
            7. Stanford
            8. TIED FOR #8: UVA Business School (does NOT include arts & sciences), U-Michigan, Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon
            9. Brown (LOL!!)
            10. Random guys with 4.0's from top state schools

            Remember this is for INVESTMENT BANKING only. All other crappy positions like operations and other shit are not counted in here.


            sorry i forgot to add:

            Tied for 7: Duke University, University of Chicago, Stanford

            accidentally left them out.

          • It kind of sucks

            that some people think the only worthwhile aspirations to have are to work at any of these so called top firms and financially drain the rest of the world dry.

            You guys are still in the minority so there is no point in ranking the schools based on a minority of its students.

  51. '11

    There is a hint of, dare I say it, narcisism present in this entire thread. In my opinion these rankings merit a "oh cool, thats great" and nothing more. Putting this list up on your fridge? Give me a break. Columbia is not 'You', and 'You' are not Columbia. The "ah come on it's school pride" argument is TOTALLY bogus. Where are all these prideful lions on homecoming? Thats what I thought.

    Yea it is a good feeling to know that your accomplishments got you into an elite university, but I fear rankings like these only further the self-righteousness that all too often pervades the IVY's.

    • columbia...

      is not you my friend, I very much feel a part of my university and will continue to cheer our mediocre teams and our mindless rankings ad-infinitum, why do you shun a little school pride that is seldom expressed outwardly. We should be proud when our university does well, if you're positive about your university you'll probably get the most out of it, flaws and all.

    • I mean...

      It kind of makes sense. You cheer for the thing that's going well. Unless you're a diehard football fan, if your city's football team is at the bottom of the league and has been for the past several years, but your basketball team is in line for a championship, then, I dunno, you're probably more excited about the basketball team. Similarly, what is Columbia good at? I dunno, maybe all the things that get measured on a US News and World Report College Ranking. So that's what we get excited and cheer for. You know, the part that's winning. If we had Duke's basketball team, we'd have Duke's level of enthusiasm for sports. (You could also argue that if we had Duke's level of sports enthusiasm/alumni support, we'd have Duke's level of basketball team, but that's another story). So it's really no more narcissistic than referring to your city's football team with first-person plural pronouns, and no less school spirit-y than homecoming... just less typical, more nerdy. Kinda like Columbia.

  52. whew!

    Definitely the Obama/Vampire Weekend/Gossip Girl effect FINALLY taking hold.


    COME ON COLUMBIA!!! SING THIS SHIT OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I got the right to be cocky
    Get so much cut disc jockeys jock me...
    You Niggas mad cause you not me
    I remain a GIANT while your Jeremy Shockey
    And if You ain't Heard Me Properly
    If You Speak Garbage, then we no Capice
    DC Chillin, PG Chillin, Floor To the Ceilin
    Stuntin in my Billion-Air, Gear On My
    Millionaire Frames, that's money on my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    THE REST OF Y'ALL....are. not. in. our. LEAGUE.

  55. Anonymous

    I can't wait until next year, when Columbia drops to #6.



    yo, despite the lack of financial aid, I’m also in General Studies and I’m glad to have contributed to the news ranking as well as get the returns. I’m 20 years old and my SATs were 800, 780, 800 and I was high school salutatorian. The only reason I’m in GS instead of CC is because I took 2 years off school for some other important things (CC doesn’t let someone in my situation even apply). I remember speaking to General Studies admissions people asking if I’d be a “shoo-in” given my scores and the perceived ease of entry and the lady said “no way. i’d say you have competitive scores, but it would still be hard to say if you have a good chance or not”. So for those of us under the age of 25 who got into GS, we got in with some pretty good scores.


  57. CC '10

    Hooray for Columbia!!! I miss you already.

  58. Photogirl

    Men lie. Women lie. Numbers don't lie. Columbia is climbing to number one baby! We have alumni in the oval office and now we are putting out the next great artist.

  59. PSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WE ARE....PENN STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Anonymous

    i am enjoying the abundance of GS ppl asking for reaffirmation that they belong to this school from the CC/SEAS type.

  61. I am

    singlehandedly responsible for columbia vaulting to 4th!

  62. Well,

    It's not the size of your endowment but how you use it.

  63. So...

    are we all just done with our jobs/internships and just waiting for school to start?

  64. Anonymous

    relax Columbia. you're still no Harvard

  65. hahahaha

    i love how this is the only time we have school spirit.


    Cornell has a worse ranking (#70) than BARNARD college and DePauw University on Forbes! HAHAH wtf is DePauw University?


      anyone else notice that there seems to be tons of cornell engineering transfers around here? i mean, just last semester in my class of 47, there were 4 sitting in the row above me. not saying it's a bad or good thing, im just making a note haha. my friend from HS is also transferring here this fall - he went to cornell his second year. ?

      also, the number of thumb ups/downs on the cornell posts on this page just serves to validate my observation.

      whats up with that? when did cornell become a feeder school for columbia SEAS transfers?????

      • CC 2012 Guy

        Why is that surprising? As much as I hate all the other Ivies and love love love Columbia, I remember applying to Cornell Engineering back in high school and at the time the SATs and credentials needed to get into their engineering school was comparable to MIT and Stanford. It's their other shit like Arts & Sciences and the School of Agriculture crap that is pathetic. Although I got into Columbia CC with 800/740/750 SATs, which are higher than Cornell's Arts & Sciences, I was actually rejected by Cornell Engineering (no joke). But I would've been a SHOO-IN for all their other departments. I wouldn't be surprised if SEAS would be happy to pick them up. Come on guys, lets get real here. Columbia CC is elite as fuck; Columbia SEAS, while is elite, isn't really all that high-horse up in the engineering realm. Just like how Harvard is elite but their engineering school is worse than Virginia Tech's.

        • it's kinda ridiculous

          to say cc is more elite than seas, especially on the undergrad level. People take alot of similar classes. CC doesnt have its departments. Its students take classes from every one of Columbia's many departments, as does seas. CC doesn't even have its own ranking. What makes you think it's more elite exactly? A major in urban studies or russian instead of mechanical engineering? Of course you are a CC guy, I understand why you would say what you said. I know plenty of people denied by SEAS but accepted to Cornell, Princeton engineering, and MIT. I'm not saying that any school is necessarily harder; it really depends on the type of applicants. Each school has its own standards. And with your reference to Harvard, Harvard engineering kids are harvard college kids (there is no school separation) So are u saying that Harvard College kids can be more elite than themselves??

        • to be serious

          whatever happened to your admission doesn't mean its general truth for everybody. Many people would pick Columbia, Princeton, or Harvard engineering over Cornell Engineering any time of the day. And the strength of first year applicant pools shows that.

          • yeah

            I think he was implying that we shouldn’t be “surprised” to see that Cornell transfers are over-represented in the Columbia transfer pool, because their engineering school is pretty respected in the Ivies and thus it wouldn’t be hard for SEAS (or even CC) to admit a transfer applicant from Cornell Engineering….but if all these transfers are from Cornell Arts or Cornell’s Hotel School, THEN we should be surprised.

            i think that’s what he was getting at. i doubt ANY columbian would suggest cornell > columbia….i certaintly wouldn’t! but i do agree that cornell engineering is no joke and the quality of their guys is at least similar to the quality of the guys that Columbia accepts…but i wouldn’t say the same for the rest of Cornell’s departments.

        • um last time I checked

          Harvard engineering ranks above Virginia tech's, and so does columbia's

        • haha cornell

          i know a number of columbia SEAS kids who applied and got accepted to cornell but didn't go, myself included; let's just face it Morningside >>>Ithaca.

  67. gordon

    Pls ck the journal of legal ed, may 2010, daniel thies article on rethinking legal ed in hard times. He provides a detailed analysis of how the magazine does not public all the relevant data, does not describe all the measures it takes to ensure the accuracy of the data, and does not describe its methodology in enough detail to enable anyone to actually check the results or to isolate and identify the influence of individual factors. On the rankings. Deans speak out, letter endorsed by over one hundred deans criticizing the us news rankings as "inherently flawed"

  68. CC

    I'm not sure about the engineering school rankings you referenced in the last sentence, but since prospective Harvard engineering majors have to apply to Harvard College, I would assume that-- notwithstanding the possibly inferior quality of the division when compared to other schools-- the admissions process is the traditional one. I don't believe that declaring an interest in engineering confers any advantage. On the other hand, the Harvard SEAS website leaves some room for interpretation: \All prospective [engineering] undergraduate apply and ARE ADMITTED to Harvard College.\

    • You think Barnard vs Columbia is bad?

      I believe Cornell has 7 DIFFERENT undergraduate admissions departments. My brother's applying there this Fall and he did tons of research. Cornell's School of Human Ecology, for example, has median SATs of 1330. Cornell's Arts and Sciences, on the other hand, has medians ranging from 1360 - 1460, and their Engineering class has SATs 1440-1500. My bro visited their campus and there DEFINITELY is an ARROGANT campus-wide sentiment that Cornell Engineers think they're above all the other 7 schools; Cornell Arts & Sciences guys think they're above Cornell's Hotel School, much like how Columbians think they're above Barnard (THIS IS JUST AN OBSERVATION, NOT AN INVITATION FOR ARGUMENT.)

      I find that fucking hysterical. Barnard, don't feel too bad. There are kids on a cow-farm campus that get picked on by anywhere from 1-6 departments everyday on campus. suicide, anyone? LOL

  69. CC

    (that was in reply to "CC12guy")


    This is the FIRST BWOG ARTICLE IN HISTORY where in the comments section, the most talked-about school other than Columbia itself isn’t “BARNARD” (for better or for worse. usually for the better because everytime Barnard is the most widely used word in Bwog, it’s always shit talking).

    Good job, people talking about Cornell.

  71. Anonymous

    Yale and Columbia are quite comparable for the sciences. CU is a lot better in engineering. Is Yale that much better in the humanities to be ranked 98 to Columbia's 93?

    For professional schools, CU and Yale are about the same for med, Yale > CU in Law, CU > Yale in business and CU >> Yale in engineering.

    In the undergrad rankings, Yale benefits from about a 20-30 pt higher avg. SAT and of course, a $15B+ endowment advantage to MIT/Penn/Columbia/Chicago/Northwestern.


    Urbandictionary: to swipe is to run one's penis down the ass crack of another person

  73. anon

    so THAT's how Obama got elected -- oh wait.

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