Kegstands, Anyone?

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It’s true—there really ain’t no party like a B-School party. The following was spotted by admirers Friday evening:

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  1. CBS  

    Stay the fuck outta our parties, undergrads

  2. CC  

    Get souls, corporate drones

  3. CBS  

    I honestly feel about undergrads what Cartman feels about hippies.

  4. Yep  

    Lerner Pub organizers, take note.

  5. Anonymous

    CC people do not want CBS crowds mooching their event food, why should it be different the other way around?

    catptcha: 311 froturd ?

  6. NBC

    Screw CBS. We have a bitchin' rooftop where we can have all the parties we want. Top of the Rock, baby!

  7. CBS  

    Srsly, why do you undergrad hippies try to insult us by suggesting that we have no souls? That doesn't offend or hurt us at all. Perhaps you could try a different line of insult?

  8. what's so weird about this picture?


  9. Anonymous  

    what is so funny is that a bunch of those mbas went to CC and even Barnard. Although most of them went to easy to get into schools

  10. Anonymous

    what is even more funny is this expose of the dean of columbia business school, totally corrupt, no ethics:

  11. alum

    CBS is for people who couldn't get into Columbia as undergrads

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