University Hardware Broken Into

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Tipster “D” just walked down 113th to find a few policemen leading a handcuffed man down the block. University Hardware’s front window is completely shattered. The break-in took place around 1 AM, when one Hogan resident heard the huge sound of the shattering glass.

(We’re going to sleep, details to follow tomorrow morning. Comment or email [email protected] if you heard or saw anything, or have any details to add about the story.)

9:25 AM: The manager at University Housewares just confirmed the drunk-and-angry-at-girlfriend story though he has yet to view the official police report. Workers are coming to replace the glass at 2:00 pm today. Although he has never experienced anything like this in the time he’s been in business, he remains unconcerned about future break-ins, saying, “This is a safe neighborhood. I guess sometimes people just get emotional.”

3:20 AM: An NYPD officer still on the scene told Bwog that the suspect was a drunk male upset at his girlfriend who “just wanted to smash” stuff. He is confirmed to be in custody.

1:45 AM: Cop car remains on the scene, but its lights are off. Street is calm. More updates to follow.

1:35 AM: There are four policemen on the scene, waving flashlights. The suspect was just moved from the first police car to a second police car. The police car with the suspect just drove off, followed by a second police car. One police car is still on scene.

Update, 1:30 AM: The suspect was just put into a police car on 114th and Broadway.

A photo from the scene, courtesy of Katheryn Thayer:

And a sort-of photo of the suspect getting into the cop car, courtesy of Anish Bramhandkar:


  1. Anonymous  

    what a shitty place to break into.

  2. Anonymous  

    Well, it looks like we've got some... Breaking news.


  3. Oh....

    So that was the sound I heard last night...

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