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University Hardware Broken Into

Tipster “D” just walked down 113th to find a few policemen leading a handcuffed man down the block. University Hardware’s front window is completely shattered. The break-in took place around 1 AM, when one Hogan resident heard the huge sound of the shattering glass.

(We’re going to sleep, details to follow tomorrow morning. Comment or email if you heard or saw anything, or have any details to add about the story.)

9:25 AM: The manager at University Housewares just confirmed the drunk-and-angry-at-girlfriend story though he has yet to view the official police report. Workers are coming to replace the glass at 2:00 pm today. Although he has never experienced anything like this in the time he’s been in business, he remains unconcerned about future break-ins, saying, “This is a safe neighborhood. I guess sometimes people just get emotional.”

3:20 AM: An NYPD officer still on the scene told Bwog that the suspect was a drunk male upset at his girlfriend who “just wanted to smash” stuff. He is confirmed to be in custody.

1:45 AM: Cop car remains on the scene, but its lights are off. Street is calm. More updates to follow.

1:35 AM: There are four policemen on the scene, waving flashlights. The suspect was just moved from the first police car to a second police car. The police car with the suspect just drove off, followed by a second police car. One police car is still on scene.

Update, 1:30 AM: The suspect was just put into a police car on 114th and Broadway.

A photo from the scene, courtesy of Katheryn Thayer:

And a sort-of photo of the suspect getting into the cop car, courtesy of Anish Bramhandkar:

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous what a shitty place to break into.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Well, it looks like we’ve got some… Breaking news.


  • Oh.... says:

    @Oh.... So that was the sound I heard last night…

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