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Procrastinating instead of reading Politics, Bwog was scrolling aimlessly through the sidebar of its iTunes library when “FREE WEEZY” caught its eye. Thus a quest began, and Bwog has spent the last weeks feverishly scrolling through iTunes and checking available Wi-Fi networks for the cleverest and most outlandish. If you think we missed a good one, leave it in the comments.

iTunes Libraries

  • Aaron Phillips‘ Library
  • Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog
  • BORA has nice music
  • c.v.s.
  • foomp.
  • music FOR ME
  • Newfun
  • NO! I don’t want butter on my toast
  • Oh, yes…you may butter my toast allllll you want
  • planetary systems
  • Poopie
  • Shallow Mailbox
  • Tyra’s Hot Shiz
  • Virus!! Don’t Click!

Wi-Fi Networks

  • Aurelia Aurita
  • clown
  • Dragon’s Breath
  • ExoticBallhairCompetition
  • golagy
  • GoldCheetah
  • Heathbar Net
  • South Africa
  • lock and load
  • NOURtorious G
  • Ocampo
  • snorlax
  • stegosaurus
  • The Kremlin
  • White Castle

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  1. Anonymous

    ezra koenig's library

  2. Anonymous  

    EC wifi: Donatella Moss
    (West wing schwat??)

  3. hmmm....  

    and so the tradition of having whacky Itunes and WIFI names begins

  4. Anonymous  

    iTunes: George Bush's cocaine

  5. Anonymous  

    Wifi network: Arioso Hates Cheese

  6. Anonymous  

    EC iTunes: asstitties
    EC Wifi: Maiden China

  7. Anonymous  


  8. Anonymous  

    Wifi: Team Edward.

    (wish I was kidding)

  9. Janelle  

    600 W116th st Wifi: Shrimps gone wild

  10. Janelle  

    600 W116th Wifi: Shrimps gone wild

  11. FREE WEEZY  

    Yeah, I'm free weezy. It's been that way since last year. My roommates WIFI network is "DatNewNew"

  12. Hooah  

    Bwog, I like this a lot. This is you at your best.

  13. CC '11  

    iTunes from JJ freshman year (the only year I really fully appreciated access to everyone else's music):

    Good Shit Lollipop

  14. Anonymous  

    wifi from Carman last year

  15. Anonymous  

    Hogan Wifi: SnapeNode

  16. Yes they are  

    JJ wifi: "Hippopotamuses are cruel."

  17. shiii-  

    And JJ itunes: fahhhhhhhhk.

  18. Anonymous  

    there's a WiFi network you can pick up on the lawns called "The Iliad is like Gangster Rap"

  19. dear bwog  

    according to Strunk, all possessive singulars of nouns are formed by adding ('s), whatever the final consonant. correction: Aaron Phillips's Library. The only exception to this is when using ancient names that end in -us, -es, or -is. (e.g. "Charles's computer" but "Achilles' heel.")

  20. Anonymous  

    WIFI around 112th street: Home Sweet Home

    so cute!

  21. Dear People,  

    I actually prefer to have butter all over me

    Yours truly,

  22. CC14  

    John Jay wi-fi: Ahnkmorpork

  23. JJ iTunes  

    "Holdin McGroin"
    "Prince of Spades"

    That's with six - count 'em - six h's.

  24. Over on Riverside...

    There's a wi-fi called "IAMTHEINTERNETS"

  25. Anonymous  

    The Champagne Room...

  26. Anonymous

    sometimes i get this wifi account called "Columbia University"

  27. Anonymous  

    Harmony WiFi: FERGALICIOUS, Tar Pit Heaven

  28. Anonymous  

    Schapiro is boring. Step it up, fuckers.

  29. Old Fart

    I remember when iTunes library names were a proto-social network. People would list their room number and or screen name (assuming you were plugged into your room ethernet, you were usually only seeing computers also in the same dorm). Make friends with music!

  30. Anonymous  

    In the frontiers lecture... one of the WiFi's was "frontiers sucks" hahahhaa

  31. in 620 116th  

    'goosepiles' and 'nopants'

  32. hey what happened to

    ninjapimps, you used to be able to see it in butler 202.

    oh the good ol days

  33. RMS  

    $ host has address

  34. supersenior

    when i was a freshman i had my itunes library listed as "suck my balzac"

  35. EC  

    wifi in ec:
    hamilton's ghost

    tobias funke

  36. anon  


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