Trader Joe’s Opens Today!

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What a treat! The super sleek two-level Trader Joe’s is finally open! It’s on 72nd and Broadway, only yards from the subway stop.

TJers ready to pounce

This is actually a big deal for Upper West Side food politics. UWS shoppers now face the following options within 10 blocks of each other: Fairway, Zabar’s, Citarella, and TJ. For the record, Zabar’s has the best lox. And honestly, that’s what determines Bwog’s vote.

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  1. and i  

    jizzed in my pants.

  2. Trader Joe's

    is the only store that has ever rejected my fake. I guess that's what i get for showing up with fifteen bottles of three buck chuck.

  3. Win, win, win  

    so much vegan food I can eat now, thank you life, the world is epic, Boom-be-ya-da! Boom-be-ya-da!

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