BwogWeather Episode 2: Dead Bodies and Oil

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This week, it rains. It also might be sunny, but Accuweather has been changing its mind a lot. We can say this, at the very least: don’t expect snow. Bwog thanks Kim Lessing from the bottom of our hearts for her beautiful camera. Zak Dychtwald is a supreme editor and cameraman. Pat Blute is very funny. Enjoy! And if you’d like Pat to report the weather from your event/group meeting/dorm room, email us at [email protected].

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  1. MD  

    If I could like this post, I would.

  2. Anonymous

    These are the most half-assed weather reports ever. I love it.

  3. Anonymous  

    prettttaaay stupid

  4. CC'XIV  

    This is adorable. :')

  5. Report from Hartley 8A  

    We are the nerf gun suite, we would so have a nerf gun war behind the reporter.

  6. Anonymous  

    This made me LOL.

  7. Like this?  


  8. Anonymous

    This is the TITS.

  9. Why

    aren't all weather reports like this?

  10. Anonymous  

    this was fantastic

  11. Lady Admirer  

    Can't wait for it to be legal for me to marry Pat Blute!!!
    ...or is that not really how gay marriage works

  12. reni loves pat  

    "are you afraid the rain can see you?"

    ugh, genius.

  13. I love you  

    Pat Blute. Amazing.

  14. Anonymous  

    omg I love bwog weather

  15. Anonymous

    Pat Blute and I are going to get married.

  16. Patrick Blute

    is gonna be big. Like, Hawkmadinejad big. Well cast Bwog.

  17. Anonymous  

    I WANT MORE! U guys rocked it, keep on keeping on. :P

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