Bwoglines: Sticky Situations Edition

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Something else that's sticky

Federal Officials want to wiretap teh interntz. Columbia computer science prof, Steven Bellovin calls this “a disaster waiting to happen.” As if Google isn’t invading our privacy enough already…. (NYtimes).

Business Week (yep, Business Week is on Bwog) addressed the plight of the Hellevator with cartoons (Business Week).

According to New York Magazine’s Gangs of New York Map, Morningside Heights is home to the Bloods and the Trinitadios. No worries, though, members are “less likely to be battle-hardened parolees than ‘puppies'” (NYMag).

Prezbo talks to the USenate about the Manhattanville campus. Sounds like he’s ready to get going. Back during NSOP, we told you what you need to know (Spec).

NY Times Book Review doesn’t have the best things to say about The Last Utopia, a new book on human rights by History professor Samuel Moyn (NYtimes)

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  1. anonymous  

    way to spell google wrong.

  2. Anonymous  

    The Internet is a terrible place. The feds will regret seeing what they see.

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