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Last year, Bwog jammed with the JJ’s Place guys, shaked to Shakira with Dean Peña-Mora, and sang a Sesame song with Dean Denburg. We know how those crazy cats in Dodge Hall like to party, so we asked Music Department Chair and Ethnomusicology Professor, Aaron Fox, what’s in heavy rotation on his Ipod. Below are the musical selections he kindly shared with us.

Professor Fox added the following in his email:

That’s my actual top 10 right now. The artists stay the same even if the songs change (plus throw in Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Chrissie Hynde, a few others). Pretty boring for an ethnomusicologist, huh? I mean, I spend more time perhaps listening to recordings of Native American music made in the 1930s and 40s, but that’s my work. This is what gets me to and from work. I have worn the exact same brand of boots and jeans for 20 years, and my personal musical tastes firmed up right around the same time.

Who knew the Chair of Columbia’s Music Department was a country fan? A little bird named Google informed us that Fox is actually a professional country guitarist. Way cool. Looks like Columbia has its very own Mr. Hyunh. (Bwog basically learned about country music from that excellent episode of Hey Arnold).

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  1. Anonymous  

    Hey Arnold! was the shit.

  2. Anonymous  

    It feels like I watched this episode and heard that song just yesterday....

  3. WORDDD  


  4. Anonymous  

    did he say tom waits to be hip?

  5. Anonymous  

    RANDY TRAVIS. love.

  6. Anonymous

    Turn to 35:00

    "He is a professor of musicology at Columbia University in New York-"

    "And a damn good country guitar player! Country, not that rock'n'roll shit! One, two, three! Dun a der der der..."

    He's amazing.

  7. Anonymous  

    Get prof mass' playlist. I feel like it'd be crazy-awesome.

  8. Aaron Fox  

    is probably the coolest prof. I've had at Columbia.

  9. Anonymous  

    That Lucinda Williams song is actually called neither "Sylvia" NOR "She Loves the Night," but "The Night's Too Long." Jeez.

  10. Aaron Fox

    Right you are anon, my bad. Been singing it myself for so long I forgot the title. AF

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