Bwoglines: Things New Yorkers Care About

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It'll happen soon, Professor Bhagwati!

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  1. Anonymous  

    is anyone else having trouble receiving packages through lerner mail services? my friend overheard how their system crashed and i haven't received an urgent mail that i was supposed to get a week ago...

  2. this morning  

    there was a shooting, maybe suicide, at UT. worth reporting.

  3. disagree  

    I disagree. Shootings/Suicides happen all the time. If Bwog posted every high school or college shooting/suicide in this country, we would be reading this kind of awful news like every other week. A mass shooting might be worth a post, but not this UT one. No offense, but I just don't think Bwog should report this. Read the NYT or your Google news if you want these kinds of headlines.

    • this morning  

      I don't mean to be a downer, and yes death, suicide, and horrible things happen all the time, but that doesn't mean we should become immune to them. And as bubbly (as in a we live in a bubble, not cheery and loquacious) as Columbia is, I still think it's good to know what's up on other college campuses. 10 shots in a library and the campus was on lock down for over half the day. They said it was a good method to test their emergency lock-down system, and it worked. What's our emergency lock-down system? Where should I hide if there is a Tornado today? Let's not get bogged down about it, but we could perhaps acknowledge it--possibly add a little empathy.

  4. Dr S Deman

    Really do not care if Prof Bhagwati gets a Nobel Prize or not, but world wide recession forthe last two years and a possiblity of a double dip recession has made Prof Bhgawati's theories of Free Trade & Globalisation irrelevant. He is out of race.

  5. Fei

    You know what else New Yorkers, and in particular, Columbia students should care about?

    Getting outside of the Morningside Heights bubble for some downtown variety:

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