Tornado Watch 2010

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At 8 PM, 116th Street will look like this.

So it’s stopped raining and is sort of generally unpleasant outside, which in Accuweather and Barnard terms means it’s time to be afraid of a tornado.

Garrett Doherty of Barnard Public Safety wrote all of BC with the following message:

The office of Emergency Mangement for the City of New York has issued a Tornado Watch for all five boroughs until 8pm tonight. Monitor televsion and radio for further updates and travel plans should be made accordingly.

AccuWeather says, “be afraid.”

Pat Blute, Bwog’s weatherman, says, “the three W’s of tornado watches: Who, Where, and Why. Who brought this upon us? Where should we hide? Why?”


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  1. lolz

    what a bunch of pussies. try living in California and sleeping through an earthquake or in Florida and waking up to a palm tree lodged in the side of your house, turning on the battery-powered radio, and hearing "The Hurricane has passed..."

    man up, my fellow ivy league academics. this is just child's play compared to the shit you meet out in the real world. tornado shmorenado.

  2. Anonymous  

    ^ I'm sorry we're not all as hard as you are....

    • lolz

      LOL i wasn't being "hard" nor was i trying to be "hard". i was merely lamenting the fact that this is nothing to be concerned about...i mean, just follow some common sense and you'll be alright. don't go outside, stay away from rooftops and trees, put your cell phone away, don't walk into puddles. i just stepped off the train and around me scores of native new yorkers were PANICKING LIKE OMG FUCKING 2012 ARMAGHEDDON HOLY FUCK WE'RE FUCKING SCREWED AGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

      damn. chill.

      • Anonymous  

        yes, except when someone died a few weeks ago in queens because of a tornado....

      • 2O13

        Why is it that almost every Californian I've met at Columbia/Barnard thinks that their West Coast roots make them better than everyone else?
        Maybe you weren't trying to act "hard" (*cough* lies *cough*). Whatever. All's I know is you came across sounding like a pretentious douche.
        And for the record, I haven't seen anyone seriously panicking.

      • Anonymous  

        clearly you've never experienced a tornado if you think they're nothing to worry about. sure, it's nyc, so any tornadoes that actually hit here won't compare to those in tornado alley, but that doesn't mean they're not dangerous.
        as someone who has moved around and lived in earthquake areas, hurricane areas and tornado areas, i can tell you they all suck. and if you get caught in the middle of a strong one (any of the three), it's scary as shit. so stop being a pretentious idiot.

  3. New York

    is not the real world? Is it the fake world?

  4. Hot Barnardian

    Shall we all hide in the New York public library with Jake Gyllenhaal and wait for Dennis Quaid to rescue us?

  5. Tornados  

    are a great excuse to blaze

  6. tornados  

    are serious business. maybe not in manhattan, but in tornado alley? yes.

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