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An Inconvenient Time: Al Gore Is Speaking Here on Tuesday at 9 AM

Al Gore lookin' good

Holy smokes! Barnard students just received an email from Dean Denburg, saying that the World Leaders Forum will host an event with Al Gore this Tuesday.

The full email is below. Columbia students still haven’t gotten the email, but this email says registration is open to Columbia, Barnard and Teacher’s College. Register tomorrow at 9 AM, we suppose!

Dear Barnard students,

Please see the following announcement regarding the upcoming World Leaders Forum. Note that registration
opens tomorrow, Thursday, September 30th, at 9:00 AM. Seating is limited.

Dorothy Denburg
Dean of the College

World Leaders Forum is pleased to announce the following events taking
place on Tuesday, October 5, 2010:

9:00 a.m.
Enacting Sustainable Capitalism
Rotunda, Low Memorial Library

Al Gore, chairman of Generation Investment Management, will deliver an
address to be followed by a question and answer session with the

11:45 a.m.
The Sovereign Debt Problem
Rotunda, Low Memorial Library

George Soros, chair of Soros Fund Management LLC and founder of the Open
Society Institute, will deliver an address to be followed by a question
and answer session with the audience.

Both events are co-sponsored by Committee on Global Thought and
Sovereign Wealth Fund Research Initiative

Online registration is required and seating is limited. Registration is
open to students from Columbia University, Barnard College, and Teachers

Registration for both events will open on Thursday, September 30, at
9:00 a.m.

To register, please visit

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous WHY DID YOU POST THIS!??! now the website will crash and it will be impossible for me to register for it.

    people should have to care enough to check the world leaders forum regularly.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous seriously. now it’ll be next to possible to get a spot.
      let the people find it out themselves.

  • I love Bwog says:

    @I love Bwog The clever manner in which you deliver the news, gossip, etc. is the reason why I love Bwog. That headline, classic. :D

    1. laughed out loud says:

      @laughed out loud in the middle of my crowded, silent office at the headline – thanks for that one bwog

      ps. working life sucks – get the hell out of butler


    @JEWISH AMERICAN PRINCESS WEARING LEGGINGS mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i’d call that a “white shark”….he can put himself all up in my aquarium :) :) :)

    1. anon says:

      @anon we know you want to join the likes of harmony hunter, but unfortunately you fail

    2. Al says:

      @Al An inconvenient fail.

  • fuck says:

    @fuck Al Gore

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Moot point in regards to posting this on bwog/spec — everyone got the email anyway. It was the same with Sarkozy; as long as everyone finds out before registration opens, it doesn’t matter who is devoted enough to check the WLF website errday and who just dutifully reads bwog.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Al Gore is making millions off making everyone believe in global warming, this event sounds like he wants to turn his millions into billions. Al Gore your a dusch bag

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous douche*
      Next time, pick an insult with a less tricky spelling, my friend.

    2. lawl dusch bag says:

      @lawl dusch bag Oh, and *you’re. Normally, grammar policing pisses the heck outta me, but I just thought I’d make you look even stupider. Huzzah!

  • CC13 says:

    @CC13 In what world is this guy a leader?

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Earth. Located in the Alpha Quadrant, in Sector 001.

    2. the worl where says:

      @the worl where he served in Congress, was vice-president, almost won a disputed election, became the poster child for the environmental movement and the fight against global warming, and won a Nobel Prize for his efforts. What have you done?

      1. CC'14 says:

        @CC'14 Uh, National Merit Semifinalist, Varsity Track, founded Scrabble Club, and will be writing “Freshman Follies” for the Spec, so take that back.

        1. wat says:

          @wat You may have accomplished much in your short life.

          But can you find harmony hall?

        2. LOL says:

          @LOL i like that you think those are comparable feats. dream on, freshie…

          1. You says:

            @You were successfully trolled.


        @JEWISH AMERICAN PRINCESS WHO'S ALWAYS SAD it isn’t THAT hard when your father was a US Senator, you only apply to one college – HARVARD – because that’s all you had to do, and almost flunk out your first two years of college, admit to sucking at math and science, before being snagged on as Vice President because Bill Clinton found it to be strategic that his VP isn’t as smart as he is so he can make all the decisions (unlike the Bush/Cheney thing)

        that’s real talk – whether it sounds good or not, regardless of what party you believe in. truth is truth.

  • ... says:

    @... where on earth did you find that photo? he looks like a drag queen that just wrapped a porno shoot at maude lebowski’s place.

  • Max Fischer says:

    @Max Fischer Saved Latin.

  • the site says:

    @the site is crashing …

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous i got to the login screen…. once

  • Anon says:

    @Anon it’s full.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous waitlisted :( :(

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