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Breaking: Bat in Hartley!

Tipster Helena Wu informed Bwog that a bat invaded Hartley suites 5A and 5B just minutes ago. All flying mammals have been removed, but Hartley residents remain spooked.

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  • I love says:

    @I love bats

  • commissioner gordon says:

    @commissioner gordon its all coz of the bat signal

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous We need to kill the batman

  • Harmony Hunter says:

    @Harmony Hunter what is my picture doing up on the BWOG?

  • minority says:

    @minority Hawkma! Sic ’em!

  • YES says:


    1. relevent says:

      @relevent should we name him something related to the ethiopian prime minister? batenawi? bateles?

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous best idea ever

        1. relevent says:

          @relevent BATENAWI!

  • omgz says:

    @omgz sooooo cute

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Coyotes, squirrels, bats… what’s next, Columbia?

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous bears

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous tigers are coming next week.
        bears come in november.

      2. gay says:

        @gay Bears hang out at the gym.

        1. Millie says:

          @Millie Bears hang out on 116th and B’way. Dancing bears, that is.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous As cool as it is to spot a bat, bats are the most common cause of rabies among humans. Most people will get a shot after coming in contact with a rabid dog, but won’t realize a bat bit them. So, residents of 5A and 5B, you should probably get some shots!

    …I know, I know, I’m ruining the humor, but the vet in me had to bring it up.

    1. buzz kill says:

      @buzz kill lawl. I’m just messing with you :D

    2. Bigger Buzzkill says:

      @Bigger Buzzkill Also SARS and Ebola (maybe)

      1. well, says:

        @well, if you do contract rabies and don’t get vaccinated, then it’s all over for you– with essentially zero chance of survival.

        1. anti-vax? says:

          @anti-vax? Really, really, do I need to start linking to all the studies proving you’re wrong? Please tell you you are just joking.

          1. Anonymous says:

            @Anonymous Actually, yes you do. A super scientific cursory Wikipedia search (they even have citations!) shows that only six people with symptomatic rabies are known to have survived and only one without treatment for rabies.

          2. ? says:

            @? Yeah, I am going to agree with the person above me. Kindly provide these links, as I can only find evidence of a few isolated cases of people surviving rabies without getting the vaccine. What’s more, the treatment given to these people involves putting them into a coma, and forgive me for saying so, but I would rather just suck it up and get the vaccine than allow myself to be put in a coma from which I might not ever wake up.

          3. anti-vax? says:

            @anti-vax? Sorry, I misread your comment, I thought you where anti-vax. I’m completely against the anti-vaxers. I thought you where telling people not to get vaccinated

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Stellaluna! <3

  • WOAH says:

    @WOAH that’s some crazy shit yo.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Hawkma was sitting on the air conditioning unit of the Hartley professor in residence (9th floor) two nights ago. Guess Hartley’s been attracting the wildlife…

  • Hartley says:

    @Hartley is the wildlife

  • Alum says:

    @Alum Bats flew into East Campus occasionally when it was new.

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