You won't have trouble remembering this character!

Dear Bwog,

I’m the Forgetful Jones of names. Help!

Elephant Envy

Dear Elephant Envy,

You’re meeting hundreds of people, so it’s natural to forget some names. One Bwogger recalls a ten minute long conversation with a complete stranger, who slightly resembled someone she had met earlier.  Oops. Bwog finds that facial hair can be helpful with name recognition (“that’s Sergio with the ‘stache”). Usually, it’s okay just to ask for a name refresher. But, there’s the rare moment when you’ve been hanging out with someone for a few hours, you start to introduce your new pal, and you blank. Bwog recommends stuffing (free) food in your mouth and gesticulating. One subtle motion says it all: “I suddenly decided to take a large bite of something and, now that I’m chewing, I can’t properly introduce you, so I’ll just gesture until you introduce yourself.” This and all the Natty will start your Freshman 15 off right. Battle that budding blubber by vigorously dancing with the people whose names you learn.