Dorm name tags and floor themes are an unabashedly sweet (if often trite) manifestation of Res Life’s quest for community. Every now and then, though, a failure to communicate, or an RA phoning it in on the brainstorming process will produce a floor theme that gives us pause. Here are some of our tipsters’ favorite bizarre (some successful, some less so) floor themes. Send us your favorites at or leave ’em in the comments.

  • The sixth floor of Broadway appears to be attempting a Monopoly theme – but how quickly we leap from life-sized board games to the world’s oldest profession (see last picture below).
  • Just over on Hogan’s sixth floor, they are attempting another popular game: Taboo. Each resident fills out his/her card with words describing them. We can only assume that all the residents fear they will, in form with the game, not be able to use these words when referencing each other—that would explain why all of the cards remain blank.
  • Across the street at Barnard, a freshman writes: “The door tags on our floor are unfitted, boxy t-shirts. Our bulletin board dons a cupcake collage—a cake for each hall member. I think our theme is the Freshman Fifteen.”
  • Another freshman, this one on the sixth floor of John Jay, tells Bwog how his door tag was used as an icebreaker (because nothing is sacred). A pouch with a slip of paper told him he was now a detective tasked with sleuthing out answers about a floormate. Questions ranged from the obvious “What’s your favorite movie?” to the obscure “Summarize the 20th century in no more than 10 words.” Bwog wonders what use such information would be to a detective. No matter, though, as the door tag pouches have already become a dumping station for student group flyers (because nothing is sacred).
  • In Carman Hall, the dormwide theme is “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” Some floors have taken an orthodox approach to the theme, while others have made a fly-by-night swipe at it. On Carman’s eighth floor, Ms. Sandiego appears to be stealing all the world’s Lucky Charms. Does Carman really just like hearts, stars and horseshoes? Or, as Bwog suspects, were these just incredibly simple door tags to make?