Lots of adults wearing Columbia blue, a few Public Safety officers, a bouncy castle and dead grass are all assembled on South Lawn, ostensibly to welcome kids to the Kiddie Carnival advertised outside Lerner. But there are no kids. Stay tuned!

Update, 2:20: The carnival has begun! Peter Sterne reports that Elmo and Blue, of Blue’s Clues fame, are mingling with toddlers on the lawns. Bwog asked what was so private about the event, and we were told that it’s “just a celebration of families being held on campus.” Dana Danna Banana is performing live now, just as loud up on our Butler 6 perch as he is on South Lawn. Mr. Banana told Bwog that he “won first prize in the prestigious John Lennon songwriting contest.” He is singing a song about fathers and jungle gyms. There is ice cream out there. If you’re coming to Butler today, bring your headphones.

We just found out that the fair is for a very real thing! It’s for former patients of the Center for Women’s Reproductive Care, a fertility clinic run by Columbia doctors. All of the staffers helping out are doctors, nurses, and embryologists at the center.

Photos by Eliza Shapiro and Peter Sterne, video by Hans Hyttinen