Some things were just always meant to be brought back: blink-182, basically anything hipster, and now, @LEE_BOLLINGER. That’s right folks, fire up your favorite Twitter client; your beloved President is back.

For the unenlightened, @LEE_BOLLINGER is the Twitter account of one Lee C. Bollinger—or rather, an anonymous ghost-Twitterer who purports to be him. His statuses are what we, with blissful ignorance, imagine a day in the life of PrezBo is like, with updates such as Saw Quigley buying just soup at Morton Williams. Impossibly sad. and “President Wins Nobel Prize” What? I won? Why has no one called me? This is great.

Just as an earlier hiatus was met with a status update, @LEE_BOLLINGER has now returned from a year-long break, saying he finally found his Twitter password. Whether he’ll keep tweeting regularly as he did in the past or disappear again after one or two tweets like last Fall remains to be seen. The reason for the break in tweets will probably also forever remain a mystery. Does the author have more time now? Graduated and passed it on to a protégé? Some of us at Bwog believe it to be the latter, as his recent tweets just lack that perk and glimmer that 2009 @LEE_BOLLINGER had. But we’re hoping that he’s just waking up from one of his infamous naps.