Your new Lerner 5. Photo courtesy Columbia Business School

This summer, Columbia introduced the Financial Econ major, allowing undergrads to enroll in B-School classes (and perhaps partake in B-School bacchanalia) and inching Columbia a little closer to pre-professionalism. Today, that inch becomes a mile: the Center for Student Advising has just announced a Special Concentration in Business Management. You can apply here.

The Concentration is open to twenty students, who must be juniors or seniors in CC or GS. Concentrators will take classes taught by B-School professors in “financial and managerial coursework.” Students wishing to grasp on to the final shreds of their liberal arts education will be able to take electives in sociology, econ and psychology.

Concentrators will also have access to B-School events, have formal networking opportunities with B-School faculty and students, and generally sort of go to Business School while they’re in college.