Allow us a personal anecdote, gentle reader. A few weeks ago, Bwog was sitting in a tire on the floor of our friend’s mom’s minivan, heading out of town for the weekend with a few friends. We spoke about Bacchanal, and suggested a few artists to our Bacchanal-affiliated-pal in the backseat: NOFX and blink-182, one friend, who dressed as Travis Barker for Halloween, suggested. We imagined The Worst Bacchanal Ever: Kenny Chesney would headline. The choice was, of course, clear by the time we reached the I-95: Weezy F. Baby, supported by DMX and Mariah Carey. Seriously, just think about it for a second. Only such an assortment would tempt us, we decided, to fly home from our study abroad locales in the spring.

This is Bwog’s Official Position on Bacchanal 2011, but now the kind folks at Bacchanal are letting you have your equally valid and potentially absurd say. Bacchanal invites you to email with your suggestion for the 2011 lineup. The artists cannot be determined by a majority vote, since availability and cost are factors, but suggestions will help shape the final decision.

This is what college is going to be like in April if you vote correctly: