The University Senate has unanimously recommended that PrezBo and The Trustees (playing at Music Hall of Williamsburg next week) consider creating an interim Graduate Student Center. And that incredibly sillily-named committee has ideas!

They argued that Columbia’s peer institutions have space dedicated to its graduate students and that such a space would increase a sense of community among grad students. Other reasons cited include a common space for grad students on the Morningside and Medical Center campuses, as well as new funds to build the center, and space to build it in.

The committee has suggested six possible locations for the Student Center: 538 W. 114th St, space within Earl Hall, former Psych library (Schermerhorn), former Chem library (Chandler), former Bio. Sciences library (Fairchild), former Physics library (Pupin).

On the ashes of Columbia’s natural sciences resources, a place for your TAs to talk about Kant and ask each other on dates to 1020 may blossom.

Here’s the full recommendation from the University Senate:

University Senate
Proposed: September 24, 2010
Adopted: September 24, 2010
Sense of the Columbia University Senate

Recommendation on a Graduate Student Center
Whereas, interdisciplinary interaction in an academic community is a key institutional priority for Columbia University, an idea broadly endorsed by faculty as crucial for comprehensive graduate education; and

Whereas, graduate students and postdoctorals have expressed a strong desire to strengthen the academic community via increased interdisciplinary interaction in formal and informal contexts; and

Whereas, existing facilities on both the Morningside and Medical campuses are unsuited to increasing interdisciplinary interaction or building an academic community among graduate students and postdoctorals; and

Whereas, graduate students and postdoctorals are the only academic constituency at Columbia University which do not have a dedicated space; and

Whereas, proposals for a Graduate Student Center have in the past been discouraged by the lack of space and funds, both of which are available at present; and

Whereas, a Graduate Student Center would enhance the quality and competitiveness of Columbia University’s Master’s, Ph.D., and postdoctoral programs relative to our peers, almost all of which already have such centers; and

Whereas, the Committee on Campus Planning and Physical Development has successfully executed its mandate to “advise the administration and the Trustees on faculty, student and staff concerns, priorities and particular projects” by producing the attached report on the rationale, needs, and feasibility of a Graduate Student Center.

Now, therefore, be it recommended that the University Senate endorses the conclusions of the report and respectfully recommends the President and Trustees of Columbia University to consider the creation of an interim Graduate Student Center, subject to space and fundraising considerations.

Campus Planning and Physical Development Committee
Student Affairs Committee

For more information, also check out the presentation to the senate plenary or the super official report.