New semester, new root vegetables at the Columbia Greenmarket. On most Wednesdays (except for today, which is Sunday!) Bwog will preview what’s new at the Greenmarket that week, what’s in season, what’s going out of season, any news that might aid your quest for good tomatoes.

Today’s Market:

  • Fall produce is arriving early because of the incredibly hot summer.
  • Winter and butternut squash are starting to arrive at the market.
  • Peach season is coming to an end. If you want peaches you better get them now.
  • Milk Thistle is now selling chickens and eggs. The eggs are naturally green shell because of the breed of bird they keep.
  • Stannard sell beef/chicken/pork. Not new news but few people seem to know about it
  • Raindance is also selling chicken. Come early for this they go fast.
  • Ardith Mae and Raindance Farm are not expected to be at Market this Sunday.
  • Madura Farm is selling popcorn.
  • The Monkshood cherry tomatoes are fantastic right now.

Coming up:

  • Wagner Farm will debut at the Market next week, selling grapes and grape juice.
  • Dipaola turkey is making a return appearance come September.

What you missed:

The Greenmarket now accepts food stamps (EBT) and Debit and Credit cards. To use your card, go to the managers tent. Someone will swipe your card and give you tokens to shop with.