Hawkma: Rebel Without a Cause

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Check out our dear friend Hawkma as he perches on that odd fence that has recently appeared on South Lawn. Evidently, while you may not be able to sit on the lawns for more than five minutes before a Public Safety officer shoos you away, Hawkma most certainly can. You go, Hawkma.

Photo by Mason Fitch

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  1. Batenawi

    Hawkma doesn't sit, he levitates.

  2. Harry  

    Hawkma : PrezBo :: Fawkes : Dumbledore?

  3. LOL  

    AHAHAHAHA, Harry you are so perceptive

  4. hmmm  

    the fact that a bird of prey makes my college experience more tolerable is both awesome and kind of sad.

  5. Angry Woman  

    Didn't we determine Hawkmadinejad is actually female? Wasn't that why we started calling her Hawkma in the first place? get your pronouns right.

  6. Question

    Why don't they just put a "Stay off the Grass" sign and be done with it? Why bother maintaining the pretense that the lawns are there for use when they so clearly are not?

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