1. Anonymous

    oh zak, why are you so hot

  2. Anonymous  

    Oh PAT, why are you so hot?!

  3. So...  

    You guys don't have to study... ever?

  4. relevant  

    is cascading sunshine for sale? dibs, if so.

  5. love this!  

    keep this a weekly thing please.

  6. paints AND weather?  


  7. Is there anything  

    Pat Blute can't do?

  8. Anonymous  

    okay this feature is officially one of the best things bwog has ever done.

  9. Art Collector  

    I'll take the whole set.

  10. Anonymous  

    It's going to be cold boo fall where's summer again?

  11. wowza  

    Awesome feature aside, I really liked those paintings...

  12. Anonymous  

    pat your name should be campbells and zak your name should be soup cuz both of yall together are mmmm mmmm good!!!!!

  13. Anonymous  

    I like this series, it is funny.

    I don't like this weather, because it means the end of girls wearing skimpy clothes season...

  14. Anonymous  

    I love you guys. You brighten up my day

  15. wow  

    most bwog features are great, but this is truly outstanding. it's almost like a second project for the bwog team, just located on the same website!

  16. Anonymous  

    this weather report is uninformative. why does content like this exist as opposed to coverage of CU football's recent 42-14 win over Princeton?

  17. This

    made me LOL! Except maybe Zak shouldn't make a habit of drinking paint-infested water.

  18. Anonymous

    there is a moving black box that's obstructing my view. Please remove. thanks. lol

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