BwogSex: Is Sex in Wien Worth It?

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Wien, House of Sex

It’s a rather glum day outside, but nothing will cure a case of the Mondays like tales of sex. In this case, we mean tales of loud, sweaty (and possibly angry) sex! The following is the year’s first installment in what we simply call BwogSex; a collection of questions, answers, anecdotes, advice and erotic miscellany. Share your loud-sex stories (and any other sex tales, queries, etc. you wish to pen!) here in our anonymous submission box.

“But what about my neighbors?!” I hissed, suddenly tense. “Fuck your neighbors,” he growled. Euphemism or not, right now he was busy with me. He tossed me into my bed, and I said one final prayer that my studious neighbors were fast asleep before getting out of my bra as quickly as possible.

It didn’t take long after moving into my Wien single to realize the place was far from sound proof. Wien is the sad version of John Jay. Instead of the occasional weekend party from a corner double, on Thursday nights you’ll overhear Journey, arguments about problem sets, and late night crying. But I quickly learned that not everyone was having such a bad time—a resident by a main lounge several floors down was getting laid, frequently and vigorously. It was as much to her pleasure as others’ discomfort, and while quickly passing by her door one evening I made a mental note never to be that girl. I’m nowhere near virginal, but my idealistic romantic streak, coupled with a propensity to chicken out, guarantees my bed stays pretty much empty.

So imagine my surprise when half a box of wine turned into the side of my bed hitting the wall.

The next morning, I was left with plenty of questions, and foremost among them was “Was that a good idea?” I’m not saying it was bad (it wasn’t), or it wasn’t safe (it was), or if I’m not sure I needed it (I go to Columbia. Who doesn’t?). I was concerned about my Weenie neighbors, and if I had inadvertently made my sex life their business. This story notwithstanding, I do try to always bow to good taste. What if I had awakened someone? What if I had offended someone?

The next few times I’ve seen my neighbors, everyone has looked at the floor. I don’t know how to breach the subject of my casual encounter even to try to apologize.

Frankly, I would find it unnecessary, though I do feel bad. So I leave this issue up to you, dear readers. I know this question isn’t new to Bwog. Are these situations just an embarrassing product of dorm life, or a legitimate topic of conversation for the hearer and the heard? Whatever my rights to dorm room nookie, I know next time I’ll ask to move to his place. Who wants to worry about having to turn sex into the quiet game?

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  1. CC '11  

    I, for one, am not going to make anyone feel guilty for having loud (and hopefully good) sex. Duane Reade sells earplugs for $6, not to mention, I have an iPod.

    Sorry your floormates made you feel guilty about it. They’re just jealous, and if they’re not, they’ve still got no business trying to make you feel like shit about it. Isn’t anything wrong with it, and even if they don’t care to engage in such activity, well, it doesn’t give them a right to try to impose their moralities on to you.

  2. ColumGirl

    Yes it is worth is. Butler sex, on the other hand, isn't.

  3. It's  

    Wieners not weenies.

  4. :S

    1. Get drunk
    2. Bang some dude
    3. Write a self indulgent article about it
    5. Profit

  5. Ugh  

    Bwog, copy-edit your fucking sex stories.

  6. best part  

    "half a box of wine"

  7. Euphemism or not

    Nope, that's not a euphemism! Glad I could help!

  8. Slayer of the Wild Whore  

    I'm proud of you.

  9. Yes  

    Sex in Wien is worth it. Generally, nobody on the hall really knows each other, so who cares about less eye contact--is there any to begin with? Suite sex ends up being way more awkward.

  10. Anonymous








  11. Anonymous  

    stop being such a pussy..."half a box of wine".... who the fuck drinks boxed wine if they have to?

  12. but but but  

    that story wasn't sexy at all

  13. Sex in Wien  

    Is a conjugal visit.

  14. anonymous  

    of course.... how would you have sex if you couldn't even have it in your own damn room? College life is full of a lack of privacy.... people need to invest in some ear plugs or head phones when their neighbors are having a little sex. We're sexual beings. We have sex. We don't have soundproof walls. It happens.

  15. Anonymous  

    there's no one at this school to have sex with

  16. I soooo  

    Wanna have sex, ladies hit me up.

  17. hater-debater  

    underpants gnomes!!!! yes!!!

  18. NYC alumna

    Think of it as practice for the real world. Apartments don't tend to have soundproof walls in this city, either.

  19. Wiener  

    I live in Wien and don't talk to and have never even my neighbors, so when i have sex in my room making noise doesn't bother me too much. Especially as opposed to last year when i lived next to my RA in John Jay!

  20. Anonymous  

    i'm addicted to masturbating.

  21. Anonymous

    Experiment with gags.

  22. Anonymous

    Or is it half empty?

  23. Anonymous

    Why not just masturbate. It's a little quieter and it doesn't last quite as long.

    There is this fleeting sense of self-pity afterwards, but that doesn't last too long either :)

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