1. BC Sorority Woman  

    Love it.

  2. Anonymous

    Sorority girls.

  3. Anonymous  

    campo, underage drinking at its best. it's a no brainer they'd want want to support sorority girls.

  4. 3 posts in one day?  

    Methinks bwog may have a crush on sorority women....

  5. Campo

    Supports sorority women... as they stagger out of the place after too many vodka-crans.

  6. anonymous  

    oh dear God..... of course they do! They love having (mostly) rich sorority sisters spend their underage money on alcohol..... ugh

  7. Anonymous  

    snaps for campo!

  8. Anonymous  

    Sororities are so anachronistic. As is a girls-only school; as is anything that is single sex.

  9. I am...  

    ...a Columbia student, not affiliated with Greek life. I support sorority women at Barnard, and I love this.

  10. Of course  

    Otherwise they'd have to stop selling 'Barnards,' the most delicious drink on the menu.

  11. !!!  

    All the condescending snark on this post is ultimately just very sad. Regardless of the clientele (as in - it's almost impossible to stay in business in this neighborhood without catering to college students), huge props for Campo in posting this sign. Seriously. This is a big issue in the Greek community, and should be a big issue for all of the Columbia/Barnard community. Tonight's Townhall meeting was huge. Big thanks to Bwog for the three articles today, giving the issue a little more publicity.

  12. I agree

    with the above post. If Bwog did not write that first article which generated such a response, I bet the showing at the town hall meeting would have been dismal. Sometimes an article with a little flair is what this community really needs. Now more people understand the issues than before. Where are your Columbia roots people.....count the responses to these 3 posts... this issue had more responses than days and days of Bwog posts put together..... This is why we all read Bwog.....
    I love you Bwog......

    • anonymous

      ....were you at the town hall meeting? It was 85% Sorority... if Bwog didn't post this, it still would have been 85% Sorority. I'm not in "Greek life" and I went because I got an email from a friend, not because of Bwog or Campo.

  13. totally

    agree with the above 2 posts. Bwog... you ARE THE VOICE of Columbia. Everyone reads you.... and so what if not everyone loves you. .....The bottom line is that EVERYONE READS you. ... That is a complement...... take it....!!!!

  14. anonymous

    We are Campo.
    \A Gathering Place\
    We are a Columbia Restaruant and Vendor.
    We support Sorority Women.
    We insert our opinion when it is inappropriate and irrelevent, but...
    We Love Money.
    \Give us your money\

  15. Anonymous

    I support sorority women too, but you don't see me writing it all over my chest in chalk!

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