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Campo Shows Sisters Solidarity

Despite the rain, this sign was displayed prominently outside of Campo this evening, in order to coincide with the SGA Townhall meeting.

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous I support sorority women too, but you don’t see me writing it all over my chest in chalk!

  • anonymous says:

    @anonymous We are Campo.
    \A Gathering Place\
    We are a Columbia Restaruant and Vendor.
    We support Sorority Women.
    We insert our opinion when it is inappropriate and irrelevent, but…
    We Love Money.
    \Give us your money\

  • totally says:

    @totally agree with the above 2 posts. Bwog… you ARE THE VOICE of Columbia. Everyone reads you…. and so what if not everyone loves you. …..The bottom line is that EVERYONE READS you. … That is a complement…… take it….!!!!

  • I agree says:

    @I agree with the above post. If Bwog did not write that first article which generated such a response, I bet the showing at the town hall meeting would have been dismal. Sometimes an article with a little flair is what this community really needs. Now more people understand the issues than before. Where are your Columbia roots people…..count the responses to these 3 posts… this issue had more responses than days and days of Bwog posts put together….. This is why we all read Bwog…..
    I love you Bwog……

    1. anonymous says:

      @anonymous ….were you at the town hall meeting? It was 85% Sorority… if Bwog didn’t post this, it still would have been 85% Sorority. I’m not in “Greek life” and I went because I got an email from a friend, not because of Bwog or Campo.

  • !!! says:

    @!!! All the condescending snark on this post is ultimately just very sad. Regardless of the clientele (as in – it’s almost impossible to stay in business in this neighborhood without catering to college students), huge props for Campo in posting this sign. Seriously. This is a big issue in the Greek community, and should be a big issue for all of the Columbia/Barnard community. Tonight’s Townhall meeting was huge. Big thanks to Bwog for the three articles today, giving the issue a little more publicity.

    1. Huge Issue in Greek Community says:

      @Huge Issue in Greek Community DOES CAMPO SUPPORT SORORITY WOMEN?

  • Of course says:

    @Of course Otherwise they’d have to stop selling ‘Barnards,’ the most delicious drink on the menu.

  • I am... says:

    @I am... …a Columbia student, not affiliated with Greek life. I support sorority women at Barnard, and I love this.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Sororities are so anachronistic. As is a girls-only school; as is anything that is single sex.

    1. Your Mom says:

      @Your Mom isn’t an anochronism. Heyo!

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous snaps for campo!

  • anonymous says:

    @anonymous oh dear God….. of course they do! They love having (mostly) rich sorority sisters spend their underage money on alcohol….. ugh

  • Campo says:

    @Campo Supports sorority women… as they stagger out of the place after too many vodka-crans.

  • 3 posts in one day? says:

    @3 posts in one day? Methinks bwog may have a crush on sorority women….

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous campo, underage drinking at its best. it’s a no brainer they’d want want to support sorority girls.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Sorority girls.

  • BC Sorority Woman says:

    @BC Sorority Woman Love it.

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