BwogWeather Episode 4: Sports Rule

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This week, the weather goes underwater and then plays squash racquetball. Special thanks to our football team for winning three games in a row, Shira Laucharoen for lending us the camera, John Nordin for the underwater camera, Jackie Smith for filming, and Tiffany Lee aka Vis à Vis. Check out her non-BwogWeather music here. Onward, Weather-Friends!

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  1. I looked up epic in the dictionary  

    It was a bit.ly link to here

  2. mmm  

    Not quite as good this week guys! That opening sequence reminds me of Cloverfield in an awful way. And I like how swimming and squash covers the entire spectrum of sports. Ya'll should have done a montage of Pat playing every sport while describing the weather forecast. C'mon that was an easy one!

    The babies were funny though

  3. mute?  

    I can't hear Pat talking!

  4. james  

    this is shit! how can you even find this funny?

  5. amazing  

    Pat Blute is seriously amazing. Never have I ever been so scared of children!

  6. SQUASH  

    Dat ain't squash, fools. You are using racquetball racquets, and a racquetball, yet forgot to remove the telltales. Squash uses weird racquets and tiny black balls that don't bounce.

    Check yo' facts.

  7. Mozzarella stickler  


  8. the editing

    on bwog weather is unreal

  9. Anonymous  

    The beginning is like the Arthur intro...

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dbCScwSlRs&feature=related (1 minute, 6 seconds)

  10. anon  

    well, this has quickly spiraled downhill. way to turn something creative and clever into something less than ordinary. It seems to have become too pretentious too quickly.

    better luck next week guys.

    • Anonymous  

      i personally think it's sweet that these guys are taking time out of what i'm sure is an already busy schedule to put this together for us to watch and enjoy. about the only thing i agree with in your comment is that bwog weather is "creative and clever;" however, i don't think it has ceased to be both, as you do. and your comment about it being pretentious, followed by your condescending "better luck next time," convicts you of the very same crime you accuse pat and zak of committing.

      great job dudes! keep it up.

  11. Well well

    Next time Pat and Zak have underwater tea, I hope they invite me!

  12. Anonymous  

    you guys are wonderful!! keep up the good work!

  13. Anonymous  

    It's raining like shit now, you guys are inaccurate :(
    But the video is great!

  14. This is

    admittedly excellent. However, I must admit that I would rather be watching the all-star cast of the lifetime original movie 'Cyber Seduction'. I'm sorry, but it's true.

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