This Is Why You’re Fat: Columbia Edition

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Make your own fattening creation in John Jay or Hewitt, take a picture, and submit your masterpiece to tips@bwog.com!

The Sunday Late Night: a bagel with 3 scoops of ice cream, 4 cookies, 2 brownies, Nutella, peanut butter, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and Applejacks

Created and photographed by Katheryn Thayer

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  1. Anonymous

    Absolutley disgusting, didn't realize our underclassman have issues with poisoning themselves.

  2. ew  

    disgusting and wasteful

    you don't have anything better than this, bwog?

  3. Anonymous  

    a bagel with ice cream? ew.

  4. Anonymous  

    diabetes explosion

  5. ha.

    best thing ever: waffle + froyo + all the toppings available + crumbles from muffins + whipped cream + sprinkles + more toppings + more whipped cream + cereal

    not going to lie i did this freshman year. sounds gross but its delish , dont be hatin


  6. yum

    that would be delicious without the bagel.

  7. Anonymous

    I've been waiting years for an article about this. This pic is SO typical of hewitt eaters -- and I can say that because i'm a fan of hewitt food myself...but c'mon girls, save up for midnight breakfast...this is just plain gross

  8. Anonymous

    Only at barnyard, erp, slop, num, num, num, num, num, snort, oink

  9. Anonymous  


  10. Anonymous  

    who says this is from Hewitt?

    Anyway...this is just plain disgusting.

  11. Sooooooooooooooooooo


  12. Fat Family  

    Foul food, Bwog, but great feature!

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