Bwoglines: Of Lawsuits, Thievery, and Bed Bugs

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Open (read: gender-neutral) housing at CU–it could happen! (Spec)

This is a bed bug.

Columbia Professor Marc Lamont Hill is suing a Philadelphia police officer in a civil rights lawsuit. Though the police have yet to comment, Bwog suspects that, like Bill O’Reilly, the police officer may have thought Professor Hill looked a bit like a cocaine dealer. (ABC News)

The bed bugs’ newest target? The Met Opera House. Is nothing sacred anymore?! (Gothamist)

Some people never learn. A man botches a bank robbery one day after finishing a 22-year sentence in federal prison. (Gawker)

Young voters giver President Obama a piece of their mind. (NYPost)

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  1. wow  

    Obama will talk at MTV, but never Columbia? Sweet.

  2. Anonymous  

    what are the chances of getting a room transfer?

  3. Is

    it common practice to refer to faculty members as "Columbia professors" and not specify the division and department? That would be akin to referring to our peers as "Columbia students," rather than specifying the school and class year.

  4. Anonymous  

    Bwog!!!!! you guys posted the bed bugs thing from gawker in you last bwoglines too. Lately it seems you've repeating you're bwoglines! They're funny the first time, but seem sloppy when read two days in a row. The people who do them each day should read those of the day before! Only saying this because I love you and want you to be the best you can.

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