BudgetBwog: Postal Edition

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Time is precious, money is scarce, and between pondering the The Other and following Kanye on Twitter, running mundane errands can end up feeling like the most stressful thing in the universe. Bwog wants to help ease your anxiety and make deciding things a tiny bit easier.

Question: Is using Mail Services cheaper than the Post Office (located on 112th next to Book Culture)?

Answer: NO!!!! As it turns out, a light padded envelope to a collegiate pal costs $6.90 at Columbia’s Mail Services and only $2.07 at Columbia University Post Office (unaffiliated, just nearby). Mail in Lerner is sent with FedEx which is why it is so much more expensive. FYI: both FedEx and USPS offer tracking.

Still,  Package Center stories are priceless!


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  1. uh...  

    nostalgia? I'm pretty sure even the freshman are too old to have watched Blue's Clues.

    And if they aren't... Wow, guess I'm older than I thought.

  2. Anonymous

    yeah... my little sister, a junior in HIGH SCHOOL was too old to have watched it.

  3. Window  

    He's climbin on your windows
    snatchin yo people up
    so you better hide yo kids
    hide yo wife
    hide yo husband too cuz they snatchin evrybody up in here.

  4. Wow.  

    I didn't see it as a kid, but Steve is way cracked out.

  5. I love

    all this nostalgia today

  6. Anonymous  


  7. Anonymous

    it should be costs bwog, copy edit your posts

  8. speaking of the mail center...  

    one of the guys is soooo hot!!

  9. ...  

    wow that's pretty crazy to think that i dropped out of school around the same year that most freshpeople started. ... that's ok. umm.. ... they don't theaten me... no .... because you know what, i know how to use a MOTHERFUCKING PHONEBOOK. and that is a wealth of life experience, i bring with me to the classroom... EVERY DAY.

  10. Trapist

    I believe it's called the 112th Street/Columbia University Station. The lines are always so slow there that you'd probably spend the same amount of time walking to the more efficient 104th street post office, and you'd get the added bonus of a little exercise.

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