Note to BSchool Beezies: Skin-Colored Hosiery Only; Don’t Sweat

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None of this bullshit, BSchool!

BSchool first-years got an email over the weekend instructing them to brush their  teeth.

Apparently, BSchoolers have “not followed personal hygiene basics” during recruiting events. The email follows. It’s very silly and infantilizing… just like grad school!

Dear 1st Year Members,

It has come to our attention (through complaints from IBC board representing firms they are going to full time) that some of you may not have followed personal hygiene basics during recruiting events. We understand that it is an incredibly intense recruiting period, and is very hard to find time for yourself, but this is a friendly reminder on some dress code and personal hygiene basics:

§ Brush your teeth regularly, or have a mint/mouth refreshers before going to recruiting events (avoid chewing gums)

§ Carry anti-perspirant with you if you are worried about sweating. Don’t wear too much cologne/perfume

§ Carry a sewing mini-toolkit, in case your suit hems need an emergency sewing

§ Professional haircuts

§ No backpacks with you

§ Men – no tacky cufflinks or watches (with no crazy patterns, silver is preferable to gold)

§ Women – wear (preferably skin colored) hosiery and always carry an extra pair in your bag

§ Women – if it rains, do not show up in rain boots, no matter how cute you think they are

And again, if you have ANY concerns, please do not hesitate to share with the IBC Board!

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  1. Anonymous  

    this is why we hate them

    • I disagree  

      I mean, sure we hate then. But I never would have though this would be why.If this is the standard for hygiene at the grad school where appearence is the most (only?) important thing, I am terrified of the standards that await me at my own, less cufflink-y grad school.

  2. sad person

    but rainboots are so cute! ):

  3. Anonymous

    Grad school is such BS, it really does just make you dumber

  4. Anonymous

    this should also apply to the engineers; there were a couple of smelly ones at the career fair.

  5. Anon

    This is good practical advice and wearing flashy jewelry, rainboots, or having horrible breath can most certainly cost you a job offer.

    Stop shitting in your own backyard, Bwog commenters.

    • Anonymous  

      Right, it definitely is. But the fact that it had to be reinforced through and email - presumably because B-schoolers weren't following these "guidelines" - is pretty embarassing.

  6. what happened to

    a great firm handshake and looking them in the eye????????

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