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Here at Bwog we are eager reluctant to single out people for their shameful behavior.  But sometimes things happen on this campus that we simply can’t ignore, and alerting our readers is the least we can do.  Here are the two latest additions to Bwog’s Wall of Shame.

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The Culinary Contrarian is back, this time visiting a Chinese restaurant and an oyster-heavy establishment, eventually finding fulfillment in a test of the oyster shots at 169 Bar. Everyone needs to get away from campus now and then. Whether it’s because you yearn for novel experiences, or because a particular chair in Butler is perfectly […]

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Each week Bwog’s resident Cell Scrutinizer, Zach Kagan, takes the top science news and breaks it down for the rest of us. This week, it’s less launching rockets and cloning dinosaurs and more of the heavy stuff.  Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are common urban pollutants responsible for myriad health issues. Children of mothers exposed to […]

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or not. Overheard in the Pupin 5th floor bathroom: Person 1: “I haven’t showered in four days.” Person 2: “That’s good.” Person 1: “It’s not really…but it’s eco.” Cleanliness via Wikimedia Commons

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BSchool first-years got an email over the weekend instructing them to brush their  teeth. Apparently, BSchoolers have “not followed personal hygiene basics” during recruiting events. The email follows. It’s very silly and infantilizing… just like grad school! Dear 1st Year Members, It has come to our attention (through complaints from IBC board representing firms they […]

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