One More Required Class

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For those freshpeople too busy with their hedonistic pursuits to finish AlcoholEdu, today is the deadline! A friendly reminder to the Class of 2014 from your friends at Bwog: be sure to complete part 2 of AlcoholEdu or something may or may not happen to you.

Don't Forget!

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  1. Anonymous  

    What a joke that thing. I thought it was ok to have it before getting here but now?! really?

  2. SEAS '11  

    I forgot this existed. I still haven't completed part 2..hehe

  3. Anonymous  

    neither have I haha

  4. Who the hell  

    Is Alcohol Ed?

  5. umm  

    u def dont have to do this

  6. hahahahah  


  7. HAHA  


  8. I propose

    that those who don't complete this requirement get a note on their transcript that says "**failed alcohol test: contact registrar for details."

  9. useless  

    "Check your email for instruction on how to finish the course"

    Why don't they just check their email to find out? Why don't you put it on the flyer how to? THIS SIGN CONVEYS NO NEW INFORMATION.

  10. I think . . .  

    I'll have a beer while I do this

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