SEAS 2013, There’s No Going Back

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SEAS 2013 will engineer the future!

Last week, engineers took one small step toward the rest of their lives at the Engineering Consortium Career Fair. This week, the SEAS class of 2013 takes another bold step into the future and declares majors. Bwog spoke with one SEAS student who said that his emotional state as the time to declare his major approached could be “summed up by Highway to the Danger Zone.”

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  1. Anonymous  

    wow, whoever said that must be a really smart guy

  2. Goose  

    "Danger Zone" should be theme music only to the bomber jacket-sporting, motorcycle-riding, bogie-destroying ball of homoerotica that is Maverick, NOT nerdy SEAS sophomores.

  3. So glad  

    That you included the link

  4. mrs worried  

    never had doubts about my major until it was time to declare!

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