QuickTix: Midterms Edition

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Alternating Wednesdays is when Bwog shares all the good things to be had at the TIC. Here goes.

Tickets sold for on-campus events this past week: 1050

Around Morningside:

  • Walkabout Yeolha: October 20th-23rd, Wednesday-Friday 8p, Sat 2pm & 8pm, Riverside Theater, FREE w/CUID. Tickets.
  • The Physicists!: October 21st & 23rd, Thursday 8pm, Saturday 3pm & 8pm, Minor Latham Playhouse, from $5 w/CUID. Tickets.
  • The Little Prince: October 22nd & 23rd, Friday 7pm & 10pm, Saturday 7pm, Diana Black Box, $5. Tickets.

Tickets sold for off-campus events this past week: 289

Out and About:

  • Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson: October 21st 8pm, $51 w/CUID. Tickets.
  • Little Foxes: October 21st, 8pm, $55 w/CUID. Tickets.
  • Scottsboro Boys: October 21st, 8pm, $32.50 w/CUID. Tickets.
  • Met Opera Boris Godunov: October 25th, 7pm, $28.50 w/CUID. Tickets.
  • Cedar Lake Ballet: November 5th, 7pm, $29 w/CUID. Tickets.
  • Gala Career Transition for Dancers Hosted by Angela Lansbury: November 8th, 7pm, $39 w/CUID. Tickets.

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  1. Obviously someone in the cast  

    Dear Bwog,

    Theatre reviewin' time! Are you sending people to cover Little Prince and Physicists? Please do.

    Shameless shamelessness

  2. the little prince

    is going to be phenomenal.

    i know this to be true.

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