1. Anonymous  

    probably the blimp covering the yankees game

  2. Anonymous  

    is that where the blue men walking around butler came from???

  3. God Bwog  

    How did you not know that this was the Conan blimp? Spec reported this like 3 months ago. Spec is better in every way. Spec Spec Spec Spec

    *Goes to masturbate alone in room...to the Spectator*

  4. This is  

    Hindenberging my cramming for midterms.

  5. Hey Bwog  

    Can you write a post about the new B@B, its very, very shiny.

  6. Its the Conan Blimp!  

    ...as has already been mentioned. This is the third night in a row its flown past after the yankees game. It flies from the bronx past columbia then crosses the river at some point before landing in new jersey somewhere. What an ominous color for a blimp. i wonder if they realized how UFO-ey it would be.

  7. Anonymous  

    ha the blue men were pretty funny but random

  8. fuck

    i'm gonna fail this midterm

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