Morningside Almanac: Week of 10/21

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The corner of 115th and Broadway. /Wikimedia

Delights at the Greenmarket this week!

  • Lavender is back and 115th smells like heaven.
  • There’s fresh fish at American Seafood on 116th.
  • Start planning your Thanksgiving shopping early if you’re unlucky enough to be stuck in Morningside for the holiday: the Greenmarket will be open on Tuesday the 23rd instead of Thanksgiving Thursday.
  • There are a few decent tomatoes left but this may well be the last week for them.

Also, cider donuts. Go forth!

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  1. Also!  

    Golden russets are here at the apple stand closest to 114th!!!

  2. Anonymous  

    I wonder where the scene in that actually is. Looks nice.

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