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The Columbia/NYU electronic band Night Eyes, which also recently made a fun flashlight-lit video, released its first EP called “Exhale” yesterday. The first 150 to download it from bandcamp get it for FREE, or you could pay $3.96 for it on iTunes.

While you’re busy downloading, relive last year’s College Walk of Shame (not the one from EC to Broadway). The 2010 Vshow’s soundtrack is now available to download, also 100% free!

Image courtesy of Night Eyes

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  1. CU/NYU  

    I think that a greater proportion of this band should be Columbia students, given our recent ranking of #4 in the U.S. World and News Report.

  2. QuickMusicReview

    Bland. Stagnant melodies. Needs a better vocalist. Best suited for elevators.

    • Anonymous

      that's completely inaccurate. the melodies and vocals are great and the band has a really sick sound.

    • Anonymous

      Dumb. Vague. Jealous of others' talent. Probably doesn't play any instruments. Pathetic.

    • Danielle

      I can only assume that by"elevators" you mean (noun) "A movable control surface, usually attached to the horizontal stabilizer of an aircraft, that is used to produce motion up or down," and that by "movable control surface" you truly refer to the incredibly complex and layered sounds that Night Eyes concocts (their sound "moves" within the "controlled space" of each bar, or "horizontal stabilizer of an aircraft," of their music. Allow me to relate the "horizontal stabilizer" to bars within the "aircraft" of the composition, if music is played and "crafted" through the airspace around us). Now, I understand that you perhaps would prefer Raffi or the Miley Cyrus or the soundtrack to "The Sound of Music", as you express a blatant desire for what I can only assume to be some strong flavor (see Raffi, "Banana Phone"), moving and standardized melodies (see Miley Cyrus, "Party in the U.S.A"), and "a better vocalist," (see Julie Andrews, "The Sound of Music"), but I guess that makes you about 5 years old. Whoops. But hey! I'll give you this one: Night Eyes IS "best suited for elevators," as I cannot help but be overcome by "motion up or down,"as my body uncontrollably moves to the sound space that Night Eyes forms.

      Kudos to an exquisite album, Night Eyes.



  4. Hooah  

    I heart Evan, Matt and Jesse.

  5. Anonymous

    I wish I could be proud of this band. Sadly, their pretention sickens me like too much corn syrup on a hot day.

  6. yay  

    Night Eyes is the shit, really. I've seen them play on several occasions and they just keep getting better. Keep up the good work!

  7. Anon  

    Oh! I saw these guys at an ADP party at the beginning of the semester. Lots of fun, dance-y music. They were great!

  8. Anonymous  

    i was a huge fan of sssen, but i was hoping they'd drop a totally new EP rather than just keep recycling...

  9. ...  

    Not to mention that Alex is an all around awesome person. Don't listen to the haters, your music is fantastic!

  10. wow

    I actually have Stray Light playing on repeat. LOVING it.

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