1. Let's Turn This Into a Debate  

    About the Best HamDel Sandwiches:

    Best Sober Sandwich: NYPD
    Best Drunk Sandwich: Let It Ride (Only on Paper Menu—Chicken Cutlet, Onion Rings, Mozerella, Gravy)

    Let the battle begin!

  2. Hungry Student  

    speaking of food.... what are we supposed to do when we have swiped into Ferris to get "all you care to eat" and then learn that the station(s) we want our meal from has run out.... i am not talking about running out of small things - i mean like "THERE IS NO FOOD LEFT AT THIS STATION"

    happened to me twice this week, and i ended up eating some lame stuff that i did not want, did not taste good, and was not worth what i paid for.

    how can dining services simply run out of food??? i don't get it.....

  3. Monica  

    Speaking of sandwiches, they've been out of "special sauce" for the Lewinsky for TWO DAYS. Come on HamDel, you're better than this.

  4. Best Hamdel sandwhich by far

    is the Buffalo Blue.

  5. Anonymous  

    orientalism? i thought the word oriental was not PC

  6. Anonymous  

    well whatevv seniors, youre just jealous that we have more options to swipe at that you did cuz john jay doesnt swing it for 15 meals a week...

    and if your parents paid for you as a freshman, theyre probably still paying for you as a senior unless something bad happened, in which case i apologize and offer my sincere condolences

    so dont be hatin..haters gonna hate, i know, but dont be like that man

  7. Anonymous  

    best sober: cubano
    best drunk: cubano

    Pressed garlic bread - pork - ham - pickles - mojito sauce - swiss.

    Game, set, match,

  8. Anonymous  

    Best sober: Seasonal Fruit Salad

    Best drunk: Seasonal Fruit Salad

    Cantaloupe, honey dew, strawberries, grapes, and pineapple. The perfect ending to the evening!

  9. Anonymous  

    \Cubano sliced pork, ham, melted swiss, mojito sauce\


    Look how cool you are.

  10. Anonymous  

    "Cubano sliced pork, ham, melted swiss, mojito sauce"


    Oh man I'm gonna call this kid a philistine because he correctly named the sauce Hamilton uses on their sandwich! Get fucked, moron!

  11. also  

    clinton clinton clinton

  12. alum

    "unknown" has been there for a long long time.

  13. Dudes  

    Try a Stallone (and ask for it with Ranch). Or the #5 Grilled Combo. Yummmm...

  14. "ennit"

    one of the worst words to come out of England

  15. WORDDD  

    the number five is great when fucked up. trust.

  16. Le Oppenheimer Doppleganger  

    The Manhattan Project. The best whenever, in name and taste. Feta and a burger were meant to go together.

  17. Anonymous

    This is not new at all. The grilled chicken sandwich menu has been on the menu since before my years at columbia.

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